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Matt James Apologizes To Photographer, What Happened?

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Who would have thought it would be dangerous to be near Matt James? The former Bachelor found himself apologizing to a photographer after he accidentally injured him.

Matt and his girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell had just returned from a vacation to Italy. The two shared many photos on their Instagrams and appeared to be very much in love.

Matt got ready to hit a golf ball at the Waste Management Phoenix Open Pro-Am Tournament and things went awry. His ball didn’t go in the direction he intended but instead went into a crowd of onlookers. One of those onlookers was photographer Steve Cortez.

Did Matt James Seriously Injure Someone?

Matt James immediately rushed to check on the man he hit. Luckily, according to US Weekly, he was only minorly injured. James made a video for the man after the tournament.

Matt James, YouTube
Matt James, YouTube

He apologized again saying, “I was not aiming for you — frankly, I don’t think I was aiming for anything and that’s the problem.” He went on to say maybe he shouldn’t have tried.

Keeping in good humor he promised him when he returned to the tournament next year, he’d have put in a lot of work. He told Cortez, “I owe you a beer. I owe you dinner. I owe you my life.”

The Former Bachelor Continued To Chastise His Performance

Matt James said in his story that he would be moving forward from the embarrassment. He said his day would have to be good because it couldn’t get any worse. He said, “I can’t legally hold or swing a golf club … until I undergo 100 hours of intense golf training.”

Matt James and Rachael, Instagram
Matt James and Rachael, Instagram

Matt is proud of his abilities when it comes to athletics. He played football in college and often posts videos working out and running in marathons with best friend Tyler Cameron. He was also able to show off when he competed on Dancing with the Stars. The dancing competition has almost become a right of passage for those in the franchise. Joe Amabile, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Hannah Brown are just a few names of those who’ve competed.

James Loves Showing Off A Different Side Of Himself

It was obvious Matt had the time of his life. He said he was happy the show let him show a different side than the man handing out roses. Some fans disagreed with him being eliminated from DWTS when he was, they enjoyed watching him dance. He now can move on from being the lead who kissed with his eyes open and broke sweet teacher Michelle Young’s heart.

What do you think of Matt’s disastrous golf swing? Do you think he should practice before participating in any other tournaments? Comment with your thoughts down below. Keep coming back to TV Shows Ace for all things Bachelor nation.

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