Has Teresa Giudice’s Daughter Gia Gone Too Far?

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice’s daughter Gia Giudice is not winning any popularity contests in Season 12 of the hit Bravo reality series. In fact, a lot of viewers are revealing just how disappointed they have become in Gia.

Gia Giudice has been seen on RHONJ since she was only 8-years-old when she first appeared on the reality series with her parents Teresa and Joe Giudice. Over the years fans have watched as Gia and her sisters have grown. Now that Gia is 21, she is starting to appear alongside her mom Teresa in more episodes of the reality series.

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Credit: Instagram

Gia Giudice Unrecognizable

Here is where the problems are just beginning for Gia. As previously reported by Tv Shows Ace, The eldest daughter of Teresa and her ex-Joe Giudice revealed she would be taking on a bigger role on RHONJ. 

Fans grew excited at the news, however, it has not taken long, exactly two episodes in, for fans to rethink their previous excitement. Over the years fans have enjoyed watching Teresa’s daughters as they have grown into young women. But now according to Media Takeout reports, fans are beginning to backtrack and believe Gia is going too far in more ways than one.

Their first complaint…Gia’s plastic surgery. They feel at 21, Gia has already gone too far with the cosmetic procedures. Fans immediately began taking to Twitter to bash Gia’s two-year-old nose job.

“One fan writes, “Gia is looking over-processed.”

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Fans Claim Gia Giudice Is Turning Into An Unlikable Young Woman

In 2022, Gia revealed getting her nose done and claims she has never been happier. But for most fans, the nose job news is quickly fading and Gia’s attitude and behavior are taking its place. Fans are not thrilled with her attitude thus far.

“Gia is coming off as a major spoiled brat. I do not care for her disrespectful attitude.”

“When Gia told her mom that when they move in together with Luis that nothing was going to change in her life, Teresa should have shut her down right away. For one, yes things will change. You are living not only in your mother’s home now but with her soon-to-be husband. Show some respect little girl,” writes one angry fan.

“The way Gia talked to her Uncle Joe is unforgivable. She really needs to think about who stood by her all these years. I do not blame Joe for getting angry and hurt. The fact that Teresa Giudice and Melissa did not stick up for him and put Gia in her place is disgusting!” slams another.

During Gia’s announcement that fans could see her a lot more on this season of RHOBH, she reveals “You’ll be seeing a lot more of me this season. As well as, watching me build my clothing line.”

See Gia and Joe Gorga go at it at the 3:44 mark.

Teresa Grooming Gia Into Her Mini-Me?

“It appears as if Gia Giudice wants to come across as some big woman. A real grown woman does not have to keep calling attention to the fact she is grown.  She acts like it. She is acting like a brat, and as if she feels the need to come across as a tough ‘table-flipping’ copy of her mother. Someone, please knock this child down a peg or two!”

Time will tell as the season continues if Gia Giudice will step back in life and remember her place. It seems she feels, considering her mother’s fame and financial records that she is entitled to act that way. Or is she making future plans to take the reality series over? What are your thoughts on Gia Giudice’s big changes?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 12 airs  Tuesday nights on Bravo.




Allie Johnson


  1. Gia and Milania Giudice have ALWAYS BEEN BRATS. However, Gis is a disrepectful, annoying, stuck-up, and a real B—h! Someone please knock the little girl down a few pegs. Joe Gorga should walk away from that child and never look back. If Gia is going to be around more – I’m out! Good-bye Real Housewives of New Jersey. No one wants 2 Teresa’s that’s just too disgusting!

  2. Teresa should be ashamed. She obviously did not do a good job of raising her girls. A good mother would have taught manners, and how to speak to her elders, especially elder relatives! I guess Teresa was too busy trying to be in the spotlight, shopping with crooked money, and scrapping like trailer trash. Get that whole family off the show already, or I’m not going to watch anymore! Melissa and Joe raised she me very mature, polite, children. Good for them for doing right by their children.

  3. Gia has been disrespectful growing up . Just because she listens to her mother disrespect her Uncle Joe and tell lies on her Aunt Melissa , she has no right talking to them or about them with her smart mouth and her mother looks the other way because she taught her to be that way . Every mother makes mistakes raising children one way or another but being a adult you know what’s right and wrong . We don’t know the real stories but I truly believe Joe and Melissa have done everything they possibly could . Congratulations Melissa for being a real woman for going on the trips and parties and showers , just be be abused by your sister in law who thinks everyone owes her something . I hate to see families break up but enough is enough and teresa I don’t think your Louie is what he says he is and to put his sisters in your wedding without your brothers wife is disgusting.

  4. Is it just me or does anyone else think Teresa and Gia both look like Men … js Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree both are trashy and nasty human beings should be ashamed of themselves and Teresa should be embarrassed by the way her daughter acts and treats people showing the whole entire world what trash they really are

  5. Gia is turning out to be another Teresa , I think she will probably turn out worse than her no brains ,jealous lying mutha .An attention seeker Just getting uglier and uglier .

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