GAC Saves ‘Kitten Bowl’ – All The Details On Event’s Rebranding

Great American Rescue Bowl-former Kitten Bowl-used with permission from GAC

GAC Family has saved the Kitten Bowl. It has been renamed the Great American Rescue Bowl. The new event is also expanded.

In the past few weeks, animal-loving fans discovered that Hallmark officially canceled the annual Super Bowl adjacent event. They had no plans to create any “animal-centric programming.” However, former Hallmark CEO, Bill Abbott, who is now GAC Media’s CEO, worked fast to save it for 2023.

Here are the details.

GAC Family Saved The Kitten Bowl, Renaming It The Great American Rescue Bowl

On Friday, GAC Media announced in a special press release that TV Shows Ace received that Great American Rescue Bowl will premiere on the network on Sunday, February 12, 2023. Moreover, they have saved, renamed, and expanded the Kitten Bowl.

Not only have they saved this annual event. But, now they will feature more than adorable kittens. They will also include puppies, cats, and dogs. All of these pets will be available for adoption at different U.S. shelters around the country.

Since the Kitten Bowl began, this has been a game-changerThis event has been “credited with facilitating more than 75,000 shelter pet adoptions since premiering in 2014.” This annual event brings a lot of exposure to the need to rescue and adopt these pets.

In addition, Great American Rescue Bowl is once again working with North Shore Animal League America.

Used With permission from GAC
Kitten Bowl, Used With permission from GAC

Bill Abbott Instrumental In Saving The Kitten Bowl

In just four days, GAC Media CEO Bill Abbott turned around some upset fans. On February 7, he went to Twitter, sharing an article on Hallmark’s cancellation of the Kitten Bowl. He wrote, “Kitten Bowl was a passion project that everyone involved will always be deeply proud to have been a part of. Grateful we were able to find fur-ever homes for so many.”

Next, Variety reported that he had already set up meetings to see what could be done. In addition, the cancellation “upset” shelters. The Kitten Bowl helped raise awareness and increase adoptions. This was a huge loss.

As Abbott was at the helm at Hallmark from the start of this event, he understood how effective and important this was. Moreover, he made it happen.

“The plight of animal homelessness continues to be pervasive throughout the country, so being able to televise a proven difference-maker in helping pets find their forever homes was an easy decision.”

Moreover, he made it clear that there is “pet-centric programming” at GAC, unlike his former network.

“We’re incredibly proud to welcome ‘Great American Rescue Bowl’ to GAC Family and are excited about this massive, fan-favorite event being an annual anchor to the network’s pet-centric programming.”

Beth Stern Thrilled About Great American Rescue Bowl

TV host and foster parent Beth Stern was with the original Kitty Bowl from the start. Now, she is thrilled that it has been rescued and transformed into the Great American Rescue Bowl.

“I couldn’t be more excited that Great American Rescue Bowl is coming to GAC Family.”

Stern, who is the national spokesperson for the North Shore Animal League America, understands how important this event is to shelters around the county.

“Hundreds of shelters across the country have participated throughout the years and tens of thousands of animals have been adopted as a result of these special events. I look forward to continuing the rich tradition of representing our kitten players and saving lives.”

The Kitty Bowl, Now Great American Rescue Bowl Helps Saves Lives

Joanne Yohannan, SVP, Operations, North Shore Animal League America issued a statement. “We are thrilled that Great American Rescue Bowl and bowl watch parties will be returning in 2023.”

“Sharing stories of our lifesaving work and highlighting the beautiful, homeless animals available for adoption in shelters across the country is such a meaningful way to save lives and helps us continue our mission to rescue, nurture, adopt and educate.”

Future Plans For Great American Rescue Bowl

In the coming months, there will be more information on the 2023 Great American Rescue Bowl. They already have started making plans. First, there will be adoption events. Next, there will be  Great American Rescue Bowl parties. This event will include guest appearances. Lastly, they will announce the rosters.

Are you happy about the addition of puppies and dogs to the Great American Rescue Bowl?

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