Chris Combs’ Wife Brittany Headband: Why Is Her Head Always Covered?

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When performing a search for Chris’ Combs wife Brittany, the most commonly searched phrase is: “Brittany Combs’ headband.” A quick scroll through photos of Chris Combs and his wife Brittany reveal she’s almost always wearing some sort of headband. What’s up with her headband? Is there a reason she always keeps her head covered? Turns out, this is something 1000-Lb. Sisters fans have wanted more information about.

In fact, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans asked about Chris Combs’ wife keeping her head covered on Reddit recently. These fans dove pretty deep into trying to understand what was up with her frequent headbands. What did fans figure out about Brittany Combs’ headband? Keep reading for the details.

1000 lb sisters brittany combs

Why does Brittany Combs keep her head covered with a headband?

Turns out, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans have a lot of questions about Chris Combs’ wife Brittany. They noticed she almost always has a headband on top of her head. They wondered why her head is never uncovered. Some fans also noticed that Brittany Combs never seems to do any of the driving. Likewise, she is almost always wearing a denim skirt.

In one thread on Reddit, fans speculated Chris and Brittany Combs might just be religious. And, they would certainly explain the headband and the denim skirt.

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One individual penned on Reddit: “Just curious because I grew up in a fundamental Pentecostal church (not anymore) and noticed that Brittany dresses like the women from that church. Also, they opted out of going to Tammy’s brunch and the ghost hunting.”

Chris Combs confirmed his wife is religious

According to fans, Chris Combs has confirmed on Instagram that his wife Brittany is Pentecostal. Her religious beliefs explain why she presents as what fans are referring to as a “modest fundy.”

Turns out, however, her religious beliefs have nothing to do with her headbands. Fans chimed in to explain Brittany actually has a medical issue that causes the front of her hair to thin. So, she wears a headband to keep it covered. Being on television, it is understandable why Brittany would want to keep it covered to avoid being the target of bullying and body shaming.


Why do you think 1000-Lb. Sisters fans were so interested in why Brittany Combs keeps her head covered with a headband? Do you think what fans dug up about their religion makes sense? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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  1. Congratulations to Chris comb he looks good but isn’t suit on and I love his sisters two and I like Chris’s laugh

  2. I think u look great. I love your personality. I haven’t heard the name pappy in years, it fits you… I wish the best for you, Amy & Tammy. I would love to hang out with you ya’ll, it would be a hoot.

    1. If anyone notices in the episode where they are all in the park talking to Tammy about not returning home, she looks down to play with Glenn. You can see a huge bald spot behind the headband. So her scalp is visible all the way back there. I don’t blame her for covering it up. People are ruthless. She is still beautiful & you can tell Chris loves this woman to death. Let her be.

    1. Becky’s personality is more important than her hair, it’ dead anyway. I love her & Chris except one time Chris said GD ., that’s the worse thing that can come out of your mouth. I quit watching show because of Tammy’s always saying GD. Watched 1st episode this year & really, really enjoyed it, no GD. Now I can’t get enough of her. So proud of you!

    2. Agree, it is not her religion that makes her wear headbands but the loss of hair. I tried to explain that to someone on Facebook and they went crazy on me.

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