Tammy Slaton Feels Beautiful As She Flaunts 115-Lbs. Of Weight Loss

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Tammy Slaton is oozing confidence and feeling beautiful as she flaunts her 115-Lb. weight loss all over social media. As those who follow the series know, 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 came to an end with Tammy Slaton escaping death once more before landing in a rehab facility for food addicts. Currently, on a trach, the TLC personality is finally making progress on her weight loss journey.

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If Tammy Slaton continues down the path she’s currently on, Dr. Smith has promised weight loss surgery is at the end of the tunnel. In fact, if Tammy is able to dip under 500 pounds, he promised to transport her directly from the facility to where she’ll be having the surgery.

The TLC personality told everyone she planned on staying at the facility for between eight months to a year. While the series is over, Tammy Slaton has been very active on TikTok. So, fans know she’s been in the rehab facility for a few months now.

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She dropped 115-Lbs in 30 days

During the 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 3 Finale, Chris Combs revealed Tammy had dropped 115-Lbs. during her first 30 days in rehab. He was so proud of her for finally getting on track with her weight loss. He hoped this meant she would be around for a long time.

If Tammy Slaton has continued to stay on track, fans suspect she’s likely lost well over 200 pounds by now. Those who follow her on social media know Tammy is clearly feeling the weight loss and she’s oozing with joy and confidence on TikTok and Instagram. In one clip, she even noted how beautiful she was feeling as she flaunted her weight loss.

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Will Tammy Slaton return for 1000-Lb. Sisters Season 4?

Unfortunately, things aren’t looking so great for another season of this TLC series. Both Tammy and her sister Amy have gone on record saying they aren’t sure they want another season of the series. Tammy Slaton has confirmed on TikTok she’s yet to renew her contract with TLC.

Fortunately, fans have been able to follow Amy on Instagram and Tammy on TikTok for frequent updates on how they are doing. As fans know, Amy Halterman is currently expecting baby #2. She’s been very open about what’s going on with her pregnancy via weekly Instagram updates.

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Do you like knowing Tammy Slaton is feeling more confident in herself as she heads for 200 pounds of weight loss? Do you think she’ll get her surgery this time? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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  1. Those pics of her with glam make up? ALL ARE PHOTOSHOPPED. Tammy has no idea how to groom herself any other way. She’s better at photoshopping than all the Bravo housewives AND the KarTRASHians, combined! Glad her confidence is up, but, having been a little more than half of Tammy’s weight before GB Surgery myself, loss of 110 pounds would barely be noticable on someone Tammy’s super size. Tammy is so facially distorted with her fat pockets that it is very hard to even try to picture how Tammy would look if she had a normal face. Beautiful? Not so sure that is in her DNA. Nobody in her family is very physically beautiful. Not being mean, just saying that there is not one that is so gorgeous they’d stop traffic. Good for Tammy IF she is finally doing what she needs to do to try to live, but I’d say let’s lose about 450-plus pounds before we even begin to call her “beautiful” and want to see her “flaunting” anything. I wish her luck, but until she fixes her inner mess, even the surgery will not work for her. It is not what will bring her successful weight loss. It’s just one more tool to help, albeit the MOST DRASTIC tool. But IF Tammy does NOT change her entire lifestyle and mentality and make the best choices every day, for the rest of her life, IF she has the surgery, it WILL NOT Work. Trust me.

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly 100%!!! I actually think it would be insane for any surgeon to perform gastric bypass on Tammy as she will still eat and eat and eat and totally blow her stomach out post-op.

      1. I agree 100%. I’ve had the surgery. It is only a tool and you have to learn how to use the tool. The hard work starts after the surgery and requires a lifelong commitment.

      2. I not a fan but hopefully she continues. And as far as 1000 lib friends that show is disgusting I hope it is taken off

  2. When she’s not using filters you can tell there’s no change. We’ve never seen a scale stating her weight. This 115 lb loss is just what Tammy has told Chris. I’ll believe it when I see the scale because she’s a known liar

  3. Why is it so hard for people to believe that Tammy will lose the weight. That is the only ammunition she has left to compete with Amy. If Tammy does get the surgery it will force Amy to take a back seat and Amy is well aware of that. It is about time the more positive attention is directed towards Tammy. I am so fed up with Amy making like she is the most intelligent one of the two. Amy contstantly is trying so hard to talk like she is intelligent use words in the wrong context and not even knowing how to pronounce them.

    My prediction is that if Tammy gets the surgery Amy will not sign for a fourth season because she will not be able to humiliate her sister the way she is used to. Amy likes to be the shining star 🌟 if she can’t do that she is gone.

    1. Are you kidding me? You say in the beginning of your comment, why is it so hard for people to believe that Tammy will lose weight? Wtf. Have you not watched the show? Then you say something about Amy humiliating Tammy? The few times she has is because she’s so frickin fed up!!! Amy has put up with so much s*#t from Tammy! Amy has lasted alot longer than I would have before I went TF off and stopped helping her! Tammy is one ungrateful, selfish MF’r. I could go on and on but I’m done here. Uncle Julie

      1. I agree Tammy is still using filters
        Sorry but I have to agree again don’t waste your time on her she’s still using tiktok like mad and when she does get out I bet she moves to Amy’s and begins her B. S all over again because she will have had no counciling on the root of her problems Men , or boys actually partying because like she’s says she thinks she’s beautiful just losing 115lbs and she’s mentally immature
        She’s broke and I pray her family makes her stay right where she’s.
        Sorry folks but if there willing to put there lives out there ppl are gonna have opinions no matter if it’s good or bad you’ll say omg can’t you give her some credit No Hell No the girl acted like an immature rude Narssasist bitch it’s a little hard for us to believe her tricks
        The woman almost died and woke up and got on tiktok CRAZY that was her first thought after coming out of a coma Literally CRAZY 😧😧

  4. It’s easy to hide behind your screen and make comments on an entire family’s appearance. If you don’t care for them or the show just move along. Social media turns normal everyday nasty folks into gutter trolls. Go get a life..

    1. Gypsy Moth I agree! Maybe these people that are so quick to judge others need to take a long look at what’s in their mirror!

  5. It’s just tammy at her lying best trying to convince everyone how pretty she is and how much weight she’s lost when in reality they are filters to make her look good and she had to be in a coma to lose any weight. Tammy has done nothing on her own and I doubt she ever will. She is self deluded and thinks because she lost 100 lbs shes beautiful??? Will see how much she loses being awake, only like 400 more to go tammy and if you don’t change your ways and get off your fat ass you won’t be losing anything.
    And as for thinking about you being beautiful, you dont even brush your teeth, its disgusting and nasty but you think your pretty with teeth missing and a bloody air tube hanging off your neck. Stop wasting your and everyone else’s time trying to be pretty and just concentrate on your weight loss. Knock off the delusional thinking and get to work.

  6. Regardless of how much weight she has lost,she is still a human being. She is dealing with a lot of issues in her life that has probably contributed to the problems she has now. Worry about your weight loss journey instead of men, social media, drinking etc.Bc at the end of the day your still going to have the same problems. We need to be lifting her up instead of tearing her down.Its easy to talk smack about something if you truly don’t understand.Everyone needs to have, compassion,love,empathy,For her bc it’s not as easy as you think.Tammy you need to get off sm worry about your health bc you I Repeat you will die if you don’t get the weight off. Only good vibes for the whole family.

  7. I wish you all would reconsider your position. I was getting way over weight and my Diabetes was out of control. Watching your show woke me up. I am eating anything I want but eating smaller portions and I’m getting there.

  8. You have to celebrate the accomplishment of losing 115 lbs. From my own experience when you lose a good amount of weight it’s like you feel a natural high. She has a ways to go, but if celebrating each success, it’s more fun. Every 100 lbs a “made the goal” celebration! Then by about 300 being able to start fitting into cuter plus size outfits. By then you’re checking the scale way more often and it says less and that joy of accomplishment hits you and you want more.
    No big deal putting on some makeup if it helps her to feel pretty.
    I’ve never watched the show but it’s in the news everyday.
    I wish you the courage to keep on keeping on.
    I’ve been an addict, not food though. It is hard to win the battle of urges, especially food, which you have to eat. It’s all around, like alcohol. She needs a group setting rehab if not doing so already. It helps to process and learn new ways or suggestions by your peers.
    I suggest Overeaters Anonymous even if on tic toc at this time of Covid.
    Narcotics Anonymous saved me…20 years clean now. Making and having friends with a problem in commonality to yours gives you people to call if you are about to eat candy, for example. These people can talk you out of it by doing it lovingly. Ask for phone number. And use them to talk to someone who can talk you out of it in times of temptations. Last thing, find someone who’s been in the program for a sponsor. That person will be a lifeline to help.
    I’m send love, my personal support, strength and wishes of perseverance to you.
    I think it’s time to make this a personal journey, you have mountain to climb and I would not want the paparazzi to watch me climb.

    Well wishes to you.

  9. She only lost 115lbs because she was forced to by not being able to eat whatever she wants and get her way. She wasn’t allowed to just leave whenever she wanted either. She was forced to stay medically and with Amy concentrating on her own growing family, Tammy has no one to beat around like a slave. Once Tammy is out, she’s going to gain all the weight back plus some since Tammy outright refuses to face the issues that are causing her addiction. She is just one of those people who their addictions will end up killing them and no amount of help or near death experiences will stop them.

    And to add, I had gastric bypass surgery. I was 313lbs at my heaviest. I’m not raining on her parade. I’m reminding y’all the reality of Tammy and her narcissism.

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