‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Admits He Needs Something Shocking

Part two of the nail-biting Sister Wives season finale has drug out a lot of raw emotions for both Kody Brown and his wives. In addition to touching on Christine and Kody’s divorce and Meri’s desire to hang on to her family, the tell-all is also going into the details about Kody’s relationship with some of his children. While Janelle insists that she and Kody’s relationship is alive and well, Kody reveals that his relationship with him and Janelle’s sons is more than strained. Has Dad managed to ruin these relationships for good? Read on to get the juicy details.

Kody Brown Admits Some Kids Are More Important Than Others

Fans have not needed a magnifying glass to see that Kody Brown’s parenting could use some work. While the Brown family patriarch is present and devoted to his young, dependent children, the family’s older children are often left wanting in their relationship with Dad. This is especially so with Janelle’s boys, Gabe and Garrison, who seem to have gotten the brunt of their father’s anger.

Kody has made it quite clear that he wants his wives to favor him in all things. Despite it being his excessive rules that kept the family apart during the pandemic, the TLC personality has expressed that the wives should be ‘choosing’ him over their “adult children.” According to Kody, once a child is 18 it’s time to move out and be responsible for themselves. In the latest installment of the finale, he expresses that the family’s young, dependent children, come first, however, he doesn’t feel that his wives should be “jeopardizing” their relationships over their older kids.

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Falling Short As A Father

Kody Brown’s super strict rules have certainly affected more than just his marriages. His frustration with his wives over their pandemic choices has also created a huge rift between him and Janelle’s son’s Gabe and Garrison.

During the pandemic, Janelle chose to allow her boys to remain at home, rather than kick them out to force start their adult lives. Both kids had jobs and social relationships that they wanted to maintain. Janelle chose to put her children’s needs before Kody’s by allowing them to ‘safely’ maintain their lifestyle. Because Kody’s rules were not followed, he felt that being in Janelle’s home was ‘risky’ to his health. The boys continued exposure to the outside world, jobs, girlfriends, social lives, etc., seemed to signify to Kody that his family did not respect him and didn’t want him around.

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Over the course of the season, fans watched Kody use his son’s “dangerous” life choices as a reason to stay distanced from them and their mom. Despite his sons being open with him about how they felt, Kody admits that right now, their relationship is not in a great place. In fact, during last week’s installment of the season finale, Kody admits that he let his pride and emotions get in the way of his bond with his sons. He told the interviewer that he had made some mistakes and had been “falling short as a father,” when it comes to Janelle’s boys.

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Kody Brown’s Shocks Fans, Admits to Needing Anger Therapy

During last week’s interviews, the interviewer asks Kody about his relationship with the boys.  Kody truly shocked fans when he described his relationships with his sons as nonexistent.

The 53-year-old reality husband admits that he let his resentment and ego keep him from reaching out to his children. According to Kody, he is still angry and is not sure how to get past it yet. This reality dad wholeheartedly believes that he and the boys will need therapy to help them move past the anger and frustration. He is hopeful that if all of them are open to it, it will help them begin to mend their relationship and possibly have a better understanding of each other’s perspectives.

Do you think that Kody’s boys will ever forgive him? Will therapy heal their relationships? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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  1. Kody is the sorriest man alive. What a DICK and ASSWIPE. He and Robyn deserve each other. Robyn and her fake tears. Always crying. Get a life bitch. Kody acts like a dictator and the family, especially the kids, are not putting up with his shit. Finally. About time.


  2. Amen Charlotte. Wholeheartedly agree with you. I would’ve just a show with Christine, Janelle, and Meri.. ” The Afterlife of Polygamy” . These 3 ladies deserve continuation of the show and support from all their fans. Screw Kody & Robyn. Maybe they can start their own show, a porno, ” Living Life with Help of Victoria Secret”.

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