Kendall Jenner Shocks Kardashian Fans With Totally Different Photos [Credit: Kendall Jenner/Instagram]

Kendall Jenner Shocks Kardashian Fans With ‘Totally Different’ Photos

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Kendall Jenner shocked Kardashian fans with a whole new look. It’s rare when the supermodel posts on Instagram. But when she does, she surprises fans in some way. They think she looks “totally different” in a new Instagram post.

Kendall was featured in a series of photos promoting her 818 Tequila brand. She was accused of getting lip fillers after she showed off her plump pout in the recent photos. Yet, it was Stassie Karanikolaou who shared a carousel of photos on Tuesday, February 8. Kendall wasn’t the one who posted on social media this time.

In the first photo, Kendall wore a black crop top with low-slung pants. She posed next to Stassie, who wore a black leather strapless dress. Both of them held vodka bottles in their hands. The next photos showed them kissing and posing seductively with the bottles.

Kendall Jenner accused of getting lip fillers

Another photo showed their respective alcohol bottles on a table together. They sat next to branded hats. In the clip at the end of the post, Stassie washed her hands as she looked at her reflection. It looked like she was with a different woman this time. Still, Kendall Jenner looked unrecognizable in the series of photos. Stassie captioned the post: “it’s always sunny in the 818.”

Her lips were noticeably plumper. Fans were shocked when they saw the 26-year-old model’s new look. Some of them took to the comment section to share their thoughts. Some didn’t even recognize Kendall Jenner. They were in disbelief.

  • “Kendall looking different here!”
  • “omg I can’t see this girl.”
  • “That’s not Kendall.”
  • “Whose the girl on the left cute.”

Meanwhile, other Kardashian fans were confused by the friends kissing. They thought the post was meant to show they were dating. One user asked, “Wait, are you guys dating?” to which one responded, “I wanna know too,” while a second one added, “I’m confused.” A third user noted that this is the “second time” that fans “have seen them together like that.” Meanwhile, a few fans accused Stassie and Kendall of “queer baiting.”

Kendall Jenner Accused Of Lip Fillers [Credit: Kendall Jenner/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Kendall Jenner/Instagram Stories]

Kardashian fans accused her of looking “totally different”

The Kendall Jenner sighting comes after fans claimed that the reality star’s face looked “totally different” in a new video. The clip showed Kendall Jenner and her friend Fai Khadra sitting together in a car and enjoying their drive.  Meanwhile, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star pouted and smiled for the camera. Some fans accused her of going under the knife to change her features.

  • “Oh my God, what happened to her face? That’s not Kendall.”
  • “She had work done and I don’t like it. It’s not ugly by any means, I was just hoping she’d stay naturally beautiful.”
  • “Not my Kendall.”

Kendall Jenner Looks Totally Different With Stassi [Credit: Anastasia Karanikolaou/Instagram]
[Credit: Anastasia Karanikolaou/Instagram]
Kendall’s fans think her pout has been looking larger than life lately. She was accused of getting lip fillers in the past, which she never admitted to. Do you think Kendall Jenner looks different these days? Do you think she gets lip fillers? Sound off below in the comment section.

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