Josh Duggar BEGGED Homeland Security To Seal Child Pornography Case

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Even in the earliest stages of being busted for child pornography, Josh Duggar’s primary focus was making sure the public did not find out about it. Jim Bob Duggar’s son knew how bad the fallout would be for him and his family if the details of the child pornography case. In fact, Josh Duggar admitted to the Homeland Security agents that interviewed him the fallout would be “horrendous” for him if the details were made public.

Josh Duggar begs Homeland Security to seal child pornography case

According to unsealed court transcripts obtained by The SunJosh Duggar begged authorities to seal the child pornography case. This conversation took place between Josh Duggar and two Homeland Security agents during the raid of his used car lot back in November of 2019.

“And I guess what is the process from here as far as, is this a sealed — I guess is this a sealed case? Or what is the deal?” Josh Duggar asked one of the agents.

The agent responded: “Yes. As it stands right now, this is.”

“So how does that work as far as disclosure of this? Because just for me, if this is disclosed, I mean, it’s going to be substantial.” Josh responded

Because I would really — I mean, can my attorney move for a motion to keep it sealed? I mean I don’t — even at some point — like, the thing is, even just the allegation for me is just horrendous.”

The agent responded, reassuring Josh: “Absolutely.”

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Things went public during his 2021 arrest

The charges and details of Josh Duggar’s case that he wanted to remain buried went public when he was arrested in 2021. Immediately, the internet called for TLC to cancel the Duggars. Just days after Josh Duggar was arrested, TLC pulled the plug on Counting On. Slowly, various members of the family issued statements on Josh’s arrest.

Throughout the nearly two week long trial, Josh’s wife Anna stood by his side and insisted he was innocent. Followers of the family speculate the Josh’s legal costs hurt both Jim Bob and Josh’s wife Anna financially.

Josh Duggar mugshot
Josh Duggar Mugshot/Public Records

Josh Duggar was found guilty in December of last year. Presently, his legal team is fighting the guilty verdict. As those who have been following this story know, Anna Duggar has also reportedly spent a significant amount of time visting her husband at jail since his guilty verdict. Most assume Jim Bob and Michelle watch her children while she spends as much time with her husband as possible.

Does it surprise you that Josh Duggar begged homeland security to seal his child pornography case? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Josh Duggar.

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