Arnold Schwarzenegger Like Fans Have Never Seen Him Before

Arnold Schwarzenegger - YouTube/BMW USAArnold Schwarzenegger - YouTube/Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger has played a number of hit blockbuster roles during his years in Hollywood. Most people recognize him from Hercules and The Terminator films. Schwarzenegger will make an appearance in a Super Bowl ad that shows the 74-year-old actor in a way people have never seen him before.

Arnold Schwarzenegger And Salma Hayek Star In BMW Advertisement

Folks watching the Super Bowl this Sunday can expect to see a slew of fantastic ads during the highly-anticipated annual event. Companies pay millions of dollars to appear in the lineup for the big game. It seems that BMW spared no expense when producing their commercial for this year’s Super Bowl. The ad will feature two fairly big names in Hollywood: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek Pinault.

In the advertisement, Hayek plays Hera, the wife of Zeus. As you may have guessed, Arnold is playing Zeus himself. Zeus is usually represented by lightning bolts or eagles. So, when it came time to dream up a new commercial for the latest all-electric SUV, Zeus seemed like a perfect fit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - YouTube/BMW USA

Credit: YouTube/BMW USA

The idea behind the commercial is that Zeus and Hera are retiring from Mount Olympus to Palm Springs. However, Zeus begins to struggle with electronics and turns the power off in the city. Schwarzenegger said, “The humor lies in this legendary god of lightning, who is supposed to be indestructible, battling with everyday electronics.”¬†That is when Hera suggests the all-electric BMW iX M60. Finally, Zeus has something that grabs his attention again.

Among all the other goofy, attention-catching Super Bowl commercials, this one will probably stand out to many people because of the way Schwarzenegger has completely transformed. In fact, fans have never seen him like this before.

The Terminator Star Is Barely Recognizable In The Commercial

Once a clean-cut Governor of California, Schwarzenegger takes on a shaggy look in the BMW advertisement. He sports a long silver wig and a full beard, all white. His next role could easily be that of Santa if he put on a few more pounds.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - YouTube/BMW USA

Credit: YouTube/BMW USA

In addition to the beard and head full of hair, Arnold wears a toga, golden armor, and sandals. Hayek, who plays his wife Hera in the commercial, also donned some traditional Greek goddess attire. She wears a Grecian-style dress that comes off her shoulder and truly looks the part.

Hayek Pinault revealed that this was her first time appearing in a Super Bowl commercial. It is also the first time she’s played a Greek goddess on screen.

The one-minute ad starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek will officially air during the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 13, 2022. The game airs at 6:30 p.m. EST and there will be dozens of entertaining ads, including this one from BMW.

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