Slaton Sisters On Fire, Both Losing Weight & Feeling Good?

Slaton Sisters from youtube

1000-Lb Sisters may be over for the season, but that doesn’t mean Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton aren’t still working towards their weight loss goals. In fact, it seems the sisters are trying harder now than ever before.

Slaton sisters work towards goals

1000-Lb Sisters Season 3 was full of ups and downs for Amy and Tammy. Of course, Tammy spent most of the season gaining weight. Meanwhile, Amy stalled and then found out she was pregnant. However, it seems to have really changed since that season was taped. The Slaton sisters both seem to be trying their best to get healthy.

Despite being pregnant, Amy Halterman has been trying to put her health and weight loss journey first. According to Ok!she is actually actively trying to put her health first with this pregnancy.

“I feel like I’m actually losing weight with this baby because I’m eating right,” she says. She goes on to talk about how Gage eats and in turn, how she eats. “Gage’s favorite foods are green beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and tuna fish, that boy will eat tuna salad every day if I let him.”

Apparently, with this new baby, her blood sugar is always low so she has to keep up with that. She says with Gage, it was always high.

“He eats healthy so I eat healthily. But I do have sugar here just in case my sugar gets low, because with this baby my sugar drops into the 40s, with Gage it was always high.”

Slaton Sisters From Youtube
Slaton Sisters | Youtube

Tammy is doing well too

Amy really isn’t the only one in the family making good progress. Tammy Slaton put herself in rehab to finally get healthy. This seems to be the biggest step she has taken on her own towards health.

At the end of the season finale, it was revealed that Tammy has lost over 100 pounds during her time in rehab. Of course, that number could’ve gone up by now.

Slaton Sisters from Youtube
Slaton Sisters | Youtube

She has been spending her time doing what she seems to love most, making TikToks and having fun on social media. At least fans know that she is in good spirits. Hopefully, this trend continues and both Slaton sisters end up healthier than ever before.

Do you think the Slaton Sisters are doing well in their weight loss journey? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite TLC stars.

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  1. Tammy HAD to go because she got carbon dioxide poisoning. She’s only losing weight because a trach tube limits what you van eat. That blob couldn’t have lost 100 pounds in a month because it’s not physically, humanly possible. (Google it or ask your Dr)

    I below Amy is trying and it’s probably easier without the stress of having to deal with Tammy.

    1. I agree with you . I have always though that . Tammy was stress of Amy eating. Amy has to believe she cannot due anything more for her sister Tammy treated her terribly saying Amy could due one thing for her calling her names Tammy abused.her. I hope Amy has a healthy baby. God bless. They keep saying that Tamny gets surgery if she hits 500llb. What Dr. Is going to put her to sleep.

    2. It is possible to lose over a 100lbs in a month when you cut calories drastically. Check your facts. Also Tammy decided to go back to rehab. She didn’t have the medical problem till she was back in rehab. Get your facts right.

    3. Omg how dare you !!!!!!!! I can’t believe they allowed your comment, may God have mercy on your soul. Who are you to call anyone out . What do you look like?

    4. Wow, that’s a terrible thing to say. Dr. Now on the 600 lb show, he expects them to lose a 100 lbs in a month. And it is possible. Tammy will lose weight. She will. If she doesn’t she’ll die

      1. I think they should have another season to let their fans know that they are doing good. I mean they left off on season 3 with a bang they should come back with a bang. We love you guys you should do one more.

    5. I have no idea how much Tammy has lost but as a nurse I can tell you that definitely can lose 100# in a month. She was in an induced coma and had IV nutrition. In that period of time your stomach shrinks. She was then placed on a calorie restricted diet in the hospital. She is on a calorie restricted diet at the rehab. When you go from what was at least 7000 calories a day to 1200 or even 2000 calorie a day diet the weight falls off you lose.
      To the ones commenting about her having fun instead worrying about her health; she can do both. Let’s give her some props for reaching out for help and requesting to go to rehab. I’m proud of her

    6. No need for such a mean spirited response. Scroll on and leave the world a better place. Don’t hide behind the internet to speed your nasty comments.

  2. It is possible to lose a 100 lbs in a month if you weigh 700 lbs. I agree no way Tammy would have done it on her own. They took the food away and no one could bring it to her. I have been wanting Amy to get it together and lose more weight or her children will be fat too. I know she doesn’t want that so I hope she is in fact changed her eating habits. You don’t need sugar in the house Amy just orange juice will do for your sugar if drops.

  3. I’m so glad to hear both of them are on the right track! Tammy seems to be trying more than she ever did and Amy is a good Mom so she’s getting healthy for her children’s sake. I hope they are renewed for another season!

  4. I really hope they have another season of the sister’s. I really want another season with all the family. I would like to see how Chris continues on his journey also.

  5. I agree Tammy is a waste. I can’t believe how many people care. If she was trying to succeed than I could understand. Her attitude is horrible and to be honest I am sick of seeing her all the time. More important things going on than the slatons.

  6. You people that are talking crap about Tammy need to shut your lying mouths! She is losing weight!! Always someone running their mouths. If you can’t say anything nice then stop commenting!!!

  7. Kudos for Amy for trying to get back on track and eat healthy with the second baby. Really glad she’s making sure baby Gage is eating healthier too. As for Tammy really don’t care she burned her sympathy bridges with me long ago. Agree with everyone else the only reason she’s losing weight is because she’s in a facility the minute she gets out she’ll put it all back on.

  8. Who are we to judge either of these women.. Im sure there’s issues thats caused them to get how they are.. Keep trying ladies.. Dont give up. Its not easy being obese.. Shame on all of you for writing such bull shit… Only being straight. You all act like there’s no skeletons in your closet.. Blessings to both you ladies

  9. I love this family and enjoy the show very much. I have to admit I often wanted to come through the tv due to how Tammy treated her family. I do understand that them being on you constantly makes you upset, it does alot of people. But it comes from love and being scared of losing one they love. I think you sisters are funny as all get out. It upsets me to hear people are saying Amy is a bad mom, she’s a very good mom. Just wanted to let you all know I have love and concern for you all and proud of the advances you have all made. Please don’t stop the show. Linda Rime

  10. Well to tell the true Tammy do need to get health cause she living on borrowed time she isn’t serious about loose weight she act like she doesn’t care about her health but one thing I do know Tammy is very smart I am talking about book sence Amy use her pregnancy for eating unhealthy she needs to get straight herself and stop getting pregnant she said like she don’t have common sense she seems like she is slow and that my thought for today deuces peace out

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