‘I Am Shauna Rae’: Fans Sympathize With Her Adult Toys Shopping Spree

Shauna Rae from TLC

Shauna Rae is just like any other 22-year-old. She just has a form of dwarfism that makes her appear younger than her actual age.

But like others her age, she enjoys hanging out with friends, drinking, getting tattoos, and more. But unfortunately, many mistake her for a child and shoot her dirty looks whenever she tries to engage in any of these activities.

In a newer episode of I Am Shauna Rae, we see the TLC star shop for adult toys. And of course, she gets looks from others in the shop.

This is where a lot of fans grow frustrated with the series. They just want Shauna to be able to live her life in peace.

The internet just wants Shauna Rae to enjoy activities without getting stares

Shauna’s sister Tara is getting married soon. So far, the series covered many wedding-prep experiences such as bridesmaid dress shopping. And of course, Shauna Rae wants to join in on the bachelorette party activities.

Shauna and her younger sister Rylee went shopping at an adult toy shop. It’s not uncommon for cashiers at adult shops to ask for ID, but many people in the store shot the sisters dirty looks while they shopped.

Fans on the internet weren’t having it. If Shauna was taller, people wouldn’t be giving her odd glances. If you take a look at Twitter, the platform is filled with tweets just like these:

Unfortunately, until awareness and education spread, many members of the public will likely keep treating Shauna differently. No one likes to be stared at and many fans really sympathize with the TLC star’s struggle.

The TLC star had an uncomfortable situation at a bar for similar reasons

If you watch even one episode of I Am Shauna Rae, it becomes abundantly clear that Shauna isn’t a child. She has tattoos and talks like anyone else her age. She’s just short.

I Am Shauna Rae/TLC

At 3’10”, there’s a lot that the 22-year-old can’t do — yet. She still can’t drive a car and she does live with her parents, but she dreams of an independent life someday. But in the meantime, she’s making the most of things.

However, the incident at the adult toy store wasn’t the only time Shauna had problems while trying to enjoy bachelorette festivities. On the show, the sisters and some friends go to a bar to celebrate Tara.

The situation quickly takes a turn when other bar patrons start snapping photos of Shauna on their phones. And as sisters sometimes do, Tara and Shauna start to butt heads when Shauna can’t quite reach the bar.

“I’m like, how do you want me to take a drink of an 86 oz bucket with long straws out of it when I can’t even see over the bar?” the TLC star says. “The fact that she’s not understanding that people are staring at me, she’s not understanding that I’m already in an uncomfortable situation and her trying to push me to do more, it just sets me off.”

Do you sympathize with Shauna in these situations? Be sure to let us know in the comments. Tune into new episodes of I Am Shauna Rae on Tuesday nights on TLC.


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  1. She needs to protect her health more than imbibe as an adult. You don’t need liquor, smoking or vaping. Her sex life is her business. Yet she has to watch out for creeps that pray on young ladies anyway. She would be a target for many well over 50.

  2. Shauna gets stared at because she looks like a little girl! I wish that was why I get stared at! At 14 I wore this huge back brace it was in the early 70’s. It was called a Milwaukee brace. Look it up and imagine having to wear that in high school. I had steel rods put in my back in 1977 imagine being in a body cast at 22 and not even being able to sit. I could stand or lie down. I went a few years looking normal, having a great body and minimal pain. After three children my body started looking very deformed. When I walk it makes people stare. On my Dr records it says female with a deformed torso. I take major drugs for pain. I’m embarrassed to go anywhere I see people staring at me when I walk anywhere. I don’t always care if they stare, I’ve been through that since I was 14 so I’m use to it. I’m just embarrassed to have anyone I know walk behind me. So yes I would love to be stared at just because I look extremely young! Isn’t it strange that someone can be envious of another persons cross to bare? I don’t feel sorry for Shauna Rae but I can empathize with her. No matter what there will always be someone more beautiful than you, uglier than you, richer than you, poorer than you, more intelligent than you, less intelligent than you, more handicapped than you and less handicapped than you, so on and so on! All we can do is except our lot in life and try to leave self pity behind no matter how hard it is! I guess I’m trying to say, Shauna Rae be grateful for the reason people stare, it could be a lot worse! That’s what keeps me going! That and my wonderful family, husband and children that love me no matter how weird I look. I hope you embrace your situation and know how lucky some of us consider you to be! From a fellow human that people stare at. 🥰 I love life regardless of the pain and stares! I think as you mature you will embrace your life and know how lucky you are.

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