‘Love Is Blind’ Season 2: Netflix Schedule Breakdown, New Episodes

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The countdown is on! If you’re excited about Love Is Blind Season 2, your wait is almost over. Netflix is going to drop new episodes of Season 2 on February 11.

So what exactly will the schedule breakdown look like? Are we getting the entire season at once? Or will we get the season in pieces? Keep reading to get the answers.

Netflix reveals the Love Is Blind episode breakdown

We saw a lot of drama on Love Is Blind Season 1. It only makes sense that fans don’t want to wait around and get Season 2 in installments. But don’t drive yourself crazy — we’ve got answers.

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Unfortunately for serial bingers, Netflix did decide to break the season up into installments. But the wait won’t be too long.

Love Is Blind Season 2 episodes 1-5 will drop on the platform on February 11 as expected, Screen Rant reports. These episodes will cover the pod experience, engagements, and couples’ retreats. Keep in mind that a lot can go wrong here. Most couples won’t even make it to the altar.

Episodes 6-9 will air on February 18. This explores the couples’ journey as they adapt to everyday life.

And finally, the Love Is Blind Season 2 finale will drop on February 25. Episode 10 will cover the weddings. Who will say “I do” and who will get left at the altar? You’ll have to tune in to find out for sure.

For now, you can get to know the castmates a little better. The show’s official Instagram page started posting teasers about the contestants. Just keep in mind that most of these cast members won’t be around for long, so don’t get attached.

Do the new contestants have any hope of finding true love?

Many viewers always wonder — does the process on Love Is Blind really work? The answer is: sometimes. Most couples from Love Is Blind Season 1 are no longer together. But the Barnetts and the Hamiltons are still together and recently celebrated their third wedding anniversaries.

Only time will tell if we will see the same long-lasting relationships form in Season 2.

And if you enjoy Season 2, we have some more good news. At some point, we will also see episodes of Season 3 drop on Netflix. Vanessa Lachey confirmed that Seasons 2 and 3 were filmed either simultaneously or back to back. Either way, Season 3 is likely already in production. We can probably expect Love Is Blind Season 3 to air this summer.

Will you tune into the premiere of Season 2? Keep following us online for the latest Love Is Blind news. We’ll do our best to keep you filled in and give you any cast updates.

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