Lifetime’s ‘Deadly Garage Sale’ Part Of LMN’s Vicious Valentines Series

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Lifetime showcases what happens when a garage sale turns into murder in Deadly Garage Sale. Part of the Vicious Valentine’s Series, this movie stars Aryé Campos (Passport To Freedom, L.A.’s Finest), Juliana Destefano (The Curse Of The Clown Motel, Asteroid-A-Geddon), Autumn Noel (My Better One, Meathook), Matthew Pohlkamp (Dangerous Medicine, Here And Now), Pascale Roger-McKeever (The Last Smile, The Woods of Purgatory), Shaun Duke Jr. (Baby Elephants, The Dark Side), Christian Seavey (Prom Knight, Twin My Heart), and Corey Shane Love (Girl Lost: A Hollywood Story, El Bolero).

Ready for the latest cautionary tale from LMN?

What Is Lifetime’s Deadly Garage Sale About?

How can a simple garage sale lead to death and revenge? According to Lifetime’s synopsis, a brother and sister, Pete (Seavey) and Trudee (Destefano), have devised a diabolical plan to make some fast cash. They like to smash and grab the garage sale til.

Moreover, they just found their next target, suburban mom, Marcia (Campos). That is because her daughter Candice (Noel) is a social media wiz. She blasted her mom’s sale in such a spectacular way that Pete and Trudee saw their big payday.

However, things go drastically awry when one of the siblings decides to stray from their initial plan. Worse yet, there is a struggle and that sibling is killed! When the other hears of it, they run far away from the melee. However, a few months later, they return. Most of all, they have devised a plan to destroy Marcia’s life.

Deadly Garage Sale, Lifetime, LMN premiere-
Deadly Garage Sale, Lifetime, LMN premiere-

When Can You Watch Deadly Garage Sale?

Lifetime’s Deadly Garage Sale premieres on Thursday, February 10, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on LMN.

You Can Watch Lifetime’s Movies Online

If you are starting your Valentine’s weekend early, or perhaps watching the Olympics, you can stream Deadly Garage Sale from the Lifetime website. However, you will need a cable login to watch. What if you don’t have a cable login? What are your other options?

A subscription to any of these services allows you to watch the latest Lifetime movies. They include Hulu+Live TV, FubuTV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, DirectTV Stream, Frndly TV, and Philo.

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Don’t miss the LMN premiere of Deadly Garage Sale on Thursday, February 10, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on LMN.

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