Did Ant Anstead’s Small Son Chop His Hair Off With Butter Knife?

Ant Anstead joked his son cut his hair with a butter knife

An Instagram post by Ant Anstead about his son Hudson recently went viral with its mention of a butter knife. Fans wanted to know if Hudson had, indeed, cut his hair with the butter knife. The Wheeler Dealers host was stunned by the feedback and took to Instagram again to explain.

Did Ant Anstead’s son Hudson cut his hair with a butter knife?

After an Instagram post on Monday went viral, Ant Anstead had to take to Instagram again to explain himself.

Ant Anstead joked his son cut his hair with a butter knife
Ant Anstead and Hudson [Image @ant_anstead/Instagram]
In the original video post, the Wheeler Dealers host, 42, was actually showing off his son, Hudson, buttering his own toast.

In his caption, Ant noted that Hudson “Butters his own toast… and cuts his own hair (with the same butter knife!!!!!!) Anstead even gave a close-up of his two-year-old son’s hair, but it was all in jest.

Ant Anstead joked his son cut his hair with a butter knife
[Image @ant_anstead/Instagram]
On Tuesday, Ant deemed the coverage of the haircut “crazy” in another Instagram Story video.

Ant Anstead joked his son cut his hair with a butter knife
[Image @ant_anstead/Instagram]
He told his fans “c’mon, of course, Hudson didn’t cut his own hair with a butter knife.” He explained that this was called “sarcasm,” adding, “I mean, really, who didn’t get that?”

Co-parenting with Christina Haack

Ant Anstead welcomed Hudson with his then-wife Christina Haack in September 2019. However, one year later, the couple split. Meanwhile, the Love of Cars alum is actually the father of three children. He shares his daughter Amelie, 19, and son Archie, 15, with his former wife Louise Anstead.

Ant spoke Us Weekly a while back about co-parenting with Christina and Louise, saying that he focuses on the “positive” side. He explained that he is responsible for his “portion” of the parenting side of things.

Anstead said how lucky he was that he gets to be “really, really hands-on with Hudson.” Moreover, he said there are so many people that are worse off than him. However, if people make a decision that puts the children first, it is probably the “right decision.” Ant added that he is a firm believer in being responsible for his portion.

What makes things easier is the fact that he and Louise are “best friends.” Ant went on to say they were together for 22 years and they FaceTime at least every couple of days because they are family. “It helps that my kids are older,” he added.

As for the Christina on the Coast star, Christina, 38, she has moved on with her fiancé Joshua Hall after their divorce was finalized in June 2021. Meanwhile, Ant is currently dating actress Renée Zellweger after the couple met while filming Celebrity IOU: Joyride.

Ant explained that his children met Zellweger, 52, many times on FaceTime, so it was “all very organic” and was “really nice.” He added that his teenagers came for three weeks and he and Renée just “switched off” and made sure they spent time together.

Judging from the videos and images on Ant’s Instagram, he and Hudson have a wonderful relationship too.

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