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‘Love After Lockup’ New Season Cast, Photos, And Trailer

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The new season of Love After Lockup is set to premiere next month. Now the new cast bios have been revealed through an official trailer. Five of the couples are brand new to the franchise while one, fans have seen on Love During Lockup. It is time to get familiar with the new cast set to hit television screens on Friday, March 4th.

Love After Lockup’s Brand New Faces

Starcasm has the complete details on the current season’s brand new cast. First off, there’s Rick and Raydean hail from Texas. With a twenty-year age difference, the two actually have a ten-year history. They had met previously when she was dating someone in Rick’s motorcycle club. He apparently always had a thing for her then she got locked up and he wondered where she went. Lucky for him, Raydean got in touch with Rick while she was in prison and they reconnected. The couple has a lot to work on, mainly Ray’s family and her girlfriend. This seems very Daonte, Nicolle, and Tia.

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Next up are Tiffany and Kevin, again from Texas. Kevin can be a player but he truly cares for Tiffany, who is currently behind bars. The goal is to get back together once she is released but apparently, there are some lies that may break them apart. Kaylah and Martel hail from Georgia and have known each other for about fourteen years. The two had a brief romance prior to Martel going to prison for thirteen years.

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Though they have remained together, a lot can be revealed when he is finally released. The big question is: was Kaylah actually celibate the entire time Martel was away? Tayler and Chance hail from Missouri and she is actually Chance’s former cellmate’s sister. They want to live happily ever after but will there be pushback from both families?

One More Newbie and A Familiar Face

Finally, Lacey and Antoine are from Washington. This is a twisty story as Lacey was already married upon meeting Antoine through a friend. This friend was Antoine’s mother. There is not a huge age gap between them as Lacey is 38 and Antoine is 26. Though they did spend time with one another, Antoine took the high road, knowing she was married. Then, he went to prison but he did finally get in touch with Lacey after a year. They have been together for two years but can it work in the real world?

So what about the familiar couple? Fans of Love During Lockup will definitely know Indie and Harry. After being in prison for four years, Harry is finally being released. As seen on LDL, Indie and Harry are spiritually married. She is giving up her whole life to move to another state to be with him. Her mother is a bounty hunter and sees so many red flags in his track record. Indie tried leave Maryland for Ohio once and failed. She will try once again but will mama stop her?

Find out all of this and more when Love After Lockup premieres Friday, March 4th on WEtv.


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