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Lamar Odom Goes On Another Khloe Kardashian Bender, Why?

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Celebrity Big Brother isn’t even 2 weeks in, and already some house guests are going stir crazy. Lamar Odom has been approaching the game like a deer in the headlights. It is pretty clear he doesn’t understand much about the game or what he signed up for. Which makes it pretty unlikely he’ll come out on top, but very likely that he’ll be entertaining for however long he’s in the house.

Already he’s gotten into a number of antics, and one just a day or two in saw him reminiscing once again on his failed marriage with Khloe Kardashian.

Lamar Odom Celebrity Big Brother
Lamar during his emotional confession

Lamar & Khloe

Odom hasn’t been married to Khloe Kardashian since 2016. Still, he holds on and reminisces about the relationship as if it were yesterday. He has a vulnerable conversation with fellow houseguest Todrick Hall very shortly after the game began. Lamar opens the conversation by speaking about a dream from the night previous wherein he was still together with Khloe.

“I miss her so much. I wish I could take that time back,” Lamar said. He reiterated that he misses her so much multiple times.

Todrick asked if he and Khloe still talk and Lamar said they do not. The apparent lack of communication makes it seem as though Lamar’s feelings aren’t quite reciprocated by Khloe. He may be hoping she hears some things through the show that he wouldn’t be able to tell her outside of it.

Big Brother is a show where no baggage goes unpacked. With players monitored every second of every day for 1-3 months, it’s difficult to keep secrets or harbor strong emotions. It is abundantly clear that Lamar is still very much caught up on Khloe Kardashian. With their failed relationship invading his dreams so often, it’s more than likely that he’ll be talking about her even more throughout his stay in the house. Maybe it will win him sympathy points? Or maybe any fellow house guests who kept up with how their relationship progressed and ended won’t feel bad for Odom in the slightest.

Celebrity Big Brother Is In Full Swing

Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 has been serving up a heaping helping of drama. It’s only been a short time, but there have already been a number of iconic moments in the history of the celebrity version of the game. One has been evicted, and more evictions are approaching at a rapid pace. Lamar is still around and is doing a decent job at laying low for such a big guy. But it’s unlikely he can make that last.

New episodes of Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 are airing multiple times a week.

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