Shauna Rae Dishes On Uncomfortable Bar Situation

Shauna Rae from TLC

When you are the same height as Shauna Rae, uncomfortable occurrences aren’t uncommon. Unfortunately, the TLC star had a very uncomfortable situation at a bar.

She just wanted to go out with friends and be a normal 22-year-old, but a few factors prevented that from happening. Keep reading to find out what bothered Shauna Rae at the bar.

TLC star Shauna Rae deals with gawkers at the bar and other issues

Shauna Rae is 3’10” — which means many people mistake her for a child at first glance. And that’s partly what makes bars an unpleasant experience for her.

PEOPLE got an exclusive glimpse of an upcoming I Am Shauna Rae episode which documents an unfortunate night out.

In the episode, Shauna notices that another group at the bar started to take pictures of her with their phones. To make matter worse, Shauna and her older sister Tara just aren’t quite seeing eye to eye.

Shauna Rae/TLC

Tara wants Shauna to order the bar’s signature cocktail, but Shauna doesn’t really want to drink it. Tara orders the drink anyway and it comes in a huge bucket that sits on the bar — which Shauna isn’t quite tall enough to see over.

“You have to drink out of it! Right now, come on,” Tara says.

“I f—— can’t!” Shauna replies.

In her talking head, Shauna expresses annoyance that Tara can’t see why she’s bothered by the situation.

“I’m like, how do you want me to take a drink of an 86 oz bucket with long straws out of it when I can’t even see over the bar?” the TLC star says. “The fact that she’s not understanding that people are staring at me, she’s not understanding that I’m already in an uncomfortable situation and her trying to push me to do more, it just sets me off.”

The 22-year-old feels she doesn’t always get the respect she deserves

At the end of the day, Shauna Rae just wants to be treated like the adult she is. But she repeatedly runs into other seemingly routine activities for other people. Throughout the series, she often expresses how difficult dating can be at her height.

It really frustrates Shauna when people talk to her as if she is a child. However, after speaking to her for a brief moment, many people do realize that she is older than she appears. In the episode where Shauna looked into getting a new tattoo, the tattoo artist quickly warmed up to her and happily shared his own stories with her after he confirmed she was an adult.

If you want to catch the latest episode of I Am Shauna Rae, tune into TLC on Tuesday nights at 10 PM eastern time. Follow us online to keep up with the latest TLC news!

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