Below Deck Wes O'Dell On Where He Stands With Rayna Lindsay [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]

‘Below Deck’ Wes O’Dell On Where He Stands With Rayna Lindsey

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Below Deck Season 9 crew member Wes O’Dell shared where he stands with Rayna Lindsey. In the season finale on the Monday, January 31, episode, Rayna made a shocking claim about Wes. She said that he wasn’t black enough to understand her situation. This comes after their drunken night out where chief stew Heather Chase begged for Rayna’s forgiveness.

Heather said the n-word earlier in the season. While she apologized to Rayna, she didn’t feel that Heather’s apology was sincere. This led to a blowup at the end of the charter season. Wes tried to mediate the already tense situation, but Rayna thought he didn’t understand since he’s a mixed black man.

Wes O’Dell claims Rayna never apologized

In a new interview, Wes says Rayna “never said ‘sorry'” after that incident happened. The Below Deck Season 9 charter season came to an end last month. Wes is sharing an update on his status with the fellow deckhand. He even had some choice words for some of his crew members.

Heather received backlash when she used the racist slur during the beginning episodes of Below Deck Season 9. Deckhands Rayna and Wes shared their opinions in their respective confessionals. However, things weren’t handled as they should’ve been. Even Below Deck fans have been calling for Heather’s firing.

Below Deck Wes Didn't Get An Apology From Rayna [Credit: Wes O'Dell/Instagram]
[Credit: Wes O’Dell/Instagram]
Wes also has issues with Rayna after she claimed he wasn’t black enough. Understandably, she was upset when Heather said the n-word and didn’t give an authentic apology. Heather repeated the slur despite being called out by Rayna. Meanwhile, Wes was shocked when Rayna said he “wasn’t black” and didn’t understand the situation.

“Calling me not black is painful,” Wes told Gangplank Report, per “You’re going to throw me away, someone who has wanted to help you? Yeah, I’m deeply hurt about that.”

The Below Deck Season 9 reunion is expected to take place on Monday, February 7. The crew members will reunite to talk about the charter season. They will focus on both the best and the worst moments of the seasons. There will also be a conversation in regards to Heather’s n-word controversy.

Below Deck crew member is waiting for an apology

Wes also revealed that Rayna never apologized to him. She said that she will follow up with a tell-all interview to share more about her experience on the show. Rayna called the reunion special “boring” and said that it only lasted an hour. Yet, Wes is upset that she “never apologized” to him.

“She hasn’t said, ‘I’m sorry,'” Wes said. “Or it was uncalled for or tried to explain it. She has reached out to me on Instagram, but that was after our reunion.”

He just wants them to bury the hatchet. The yachtie had hoped that he could be the one person that Rayna could turn to during this situation. As for the racism scandal, he doesn’t think that Heather had malicious intentions. He wanted them to discuss the issue since it’s a matter that he doesn’t agree with.

What are your thoughts on Rayna not apologizing to Wes? Do you think she should? Sound off below in the comment section.

The Below Deck Season 9 reunion special airs Monday, February 7 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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  1. Rayna is just young, angry, and dumb. I wish they would have fired Heather so we didn’t have to hear any more of her idiocy but at least it sounds like the internet has decided she is lazy and has a bad attitude as well. I guess she thinks this is her time to jump on the woke crazy bus (woke is just poc conspiracy theorists) and feel important to all 400 people in the world that still like her. I think one day she will look back on all of this and be embarrassed, which is part of growing up. Also wise to read contracts and NDAs before you go running your mouth like a moron on the web when you don’t have 2 million to cough up but hey that is learning too. Sounds like Rayna at least got to learn about the world a bit but it seems like she had her black girl shades on filtering most of the experience. I can’t imagine her being a cook either lol. Girl could barely stand 20 minutes without leaning or whining, so I doubt 12 hours on your feet in a hot galley is in the cards. Something like at home data entry or maybe even medical coding from home would be a good fit since she likes to categorize people and is best fit to follow some sort of rote memorization routine that does not require forward or logical thinking. That way she can save her energy for her naps and deep sighs of woe for her friends that actually want to be around her and not the public. Something like Amazon warehouse is just too much manual labor and requires understanding and adhering to codes of safety that don’t care what color your skin is. Anyway, good luck with life and hope ya grow up, Rayna.

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