Robyn Brown Says Her Children Were Rejected By Other Wives

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Robyn Brown gets emotional during tonight’s episode of the Sister Wives Season 16 Tell-All. The TLC personality tells Sukanya Krishnan she feels as though her children were rejected by Kody Brown’s other wives. Was Robyn never embraced by the family with open arms? Keep reading for the spoilers and details.

Warning: Spoilers for Sister Wives Season 16 Tell-All Part Two ahead.

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Robyn Brown says other wives rejected her children

Speaking to Sukanya Krishnan during tonight’s episode of the tell-all, Robyn Brown becomes pretty emotional as she talks about her children. The episode features a brief clip of Robyn’s children becoming extremely emotional when they learn the family won’t be together for Thanksgiving. The TLC personality proceeds to tell Sukanya Krishnan she feels as though her children have been rejected by the rest of the

Robyn and Kody Brown - YouTube
Robyn and Kody Brown – YouTube

family. Robyn becomes extremely emotional as she talks because she just wants her children to have a safe place in the family.

Robyn Brown completely breaks down when Sukanya Krishnan shifts the conversation and asks if Robyn feels safe within the family she married into. The TLC personality never answers the question, but her reaction made it clear she doesn’t feel safe with her sister wives.

Robyn tells Sukanya Krishnan that her youngest daughter is so distanced from the rest of the family she’s forgotten the names of all her brothers and sisters. In the little one’s defense, however, that is a lot of names for someone so small to try and remember.

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She claims she just wants a solid sister wife experience

Robyn Brown has told Kody’s other wives that she married him because she wanted this lifestyle. She wasn’t interested in being in a monogamous relationship. The Sister Wives star claimed she had other options if she wanted an exclusive relationship.

Robyn insists she doesn’t just want Kody. She wants the sister wives experience. Moreover, she says she’s aware of plenty of families with solid and functional sister wives relationships. She just doesn’t think Kody Brown’s other wives are willing to put the effort into trying.

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Do you think Kody Brown’s other wives rejected Robyn and her children? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Sister Wives.

Part Two of the Sister Wives Season 16 Tell-All is available now via Discovery+. Or, viewers can tune in tonight only on TLC to check it out.

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  1. She and Kody both are liying like 2 cheap ass rugs on a floor and really Robyn did Kody demand you to turn on that flow of fake tears SMDH

    1. Yes poor Robyn… hoo!! She needs a nanny why????? Christine had her own plus Janelle’s to look after while Janelle was out working and if I remember correctly she had 7. Poor Robyn two toddlers and two TEENAGERS who could help but a nanny??? Please!!!

  2. I think sobbin Robyn is the cause for all of their problems. She says she wanted the sister wives relationship, but I saw little effort on her part . Kody used those women , all of them I don’t think he knows what love and commitment means

  3. What a load of crap he used the 3 wife’s for money to have children and controlled them just wait u be next unless u gonna put up with his crap gd on Cristina for getting meri just wants to be loved by him sorry sweetheart he knows u won’t leave so treats u like crap wake up he a narcissistic

  4. What a whiner. Totally dislike Robyn or Sobbyn. Such a crybaby. She and Kody deserve each other. Two peas in a pod.

    1. Now robyn has what she wanted she’s still not happy she is two faced talks behind all the adults backs .then she has her older children disrespecting christine and janell by telling them they have decided they won’t be spending thanks giving with them which as the daughter acting as sly as her mother .robyn should have told it as it was that Christine and robyn had decided to spend it with their children.done it again well done sobbing robyn.

      1. From what I’ve read, the reason they moved to flagstaff is because Robyn’s son got accepted to a college near there so I wonder why the other kids or wives might feel a certain way and she needs to own up to the fact that she hides her kids from the other sister wives

        1. So frustrating that this hasn’t been discussed more. Kody changed 21 people’s lives to please Robyn. She obviously uses & manipulates her own children to get her own way. Dayton deserved to try adulthood. Instead he’s being coddled. She treats all of her children as if they are toddlers with special needs. It’s bizarre.

  5. Of course Ari doesn’t remember their names, she is 4 and because of Kodi’s crazy rules the kids have barely seen each other. Seeing Truly break down because she wants to play with her sibling was heart breaking.

    The other wives aren’t rejecting her kids, they are rejecting Kodi, because lets face it he is rejecting them. He basically is only in a relationship with Robyn, and the others are there to help with the finances.

    They are Jealous of Robyn, because she gets all of his time, love and intimacy. Which isn’t her fault, it is his. Kodi is causing the rift in the sister wives relationship. Most sister wives who are close is because they have a husband that wants them all, not just one.

    1. Absolutely! And what makes Robyn not feel safe? Kody started from day one with Robyn treating her completely different then he treats his other wives; of course they resent him for it. He almost missed Truley’s birth because he was with Robyn and refused to go with his daughter when she was facing major surgery that can be very dangerous. Robyn you wanted Kody to yourself and now you have him. Good luck, you’re getting older everyday. Time for him to find a younger wife.

  6. I don’t care for Robin ,she takes Kody from marry was last wife and makes her self mother Hubbard queen bee .
    The others put the time in .
    Robin is over rated .

  7. I feel bad for all the wives. This shows polygamy does not work, especially when you have a Narcissistic man involved.

  8. I think Kody likes Robyn best because she’s a perpetual “damsel in distress.” She cries on every single episode–and a lot. Her children don’t seem happy either and cry at the drop of a hat. It seems Kody doesn’t like the women once they’re done “bearing children.”
    I think they should drop this show. I won’t watch another season (unless it’s leaving Sister Wives with Christine and Janelle).

  9. Save the tears Robyn. It is getting so old. You guys were able to have a nanny and the rest of the family wasnt able to come over or get together. However, the nanny and her spouse was who exposed everyone to covid. Lets get real. Its you and Kodi now the other wives do not mean anything. I hope you have another way to make money, if the other wives honestly leave I will watch them but not you and Kodi.

  10. The break down of this family is all Robin’s fault, nothing but problems since she came into the family!let her have the slimball ,he’ll take another wife and hang her out too dry, she’s not even as pretty as christine, I Hope Marie and jenelle leave too!and their peices of land too! Even if they just sell it, it seems like these girls all worked and most likely collect something from states (like food stamps money, you
    name it somewhere you will find something I bet!) Hope christine finds someone who will love her for her! And give her a spin off of sister wife’s and if the other 2 leave with them too. And can kody and Robin, they are useless users! Don’t no why she needed a nanny, maybe just lazy?and bring covit into the the rest of the family!with all Jody’s rules, we seen how they went to malls ect. And told the others they were not careful!in his face ,they could have made all of them sick or even die! Then we see Robin turn on tears, and kody said I tried to keep them safe ,! Those girls were and are doing a good job keeping their kids safe ,with out his help. Good Luck Christine may God bless you and your kids, in a knew life .

  11. Oh please! Give it up Robin. Everytime truths start to come to the service about you and you fake drama you turn on the water works. You and Kody will do ANYTHING to keep the money rolling in and continue duping honest, trusting people. Enough TLC of the fake ass family.

  12. Robyn is a stomach virus. Lots of tissues, quivers, eye rolling, victim assertion – but not ONE tear
    The broad is a joke

    1. Exactly! I didn’t see any tears either! I wish Janelle and Mary would leave too, then we’ll see how Cody and Robin can manage without the other wives’ income! We kn k w Mary and Cody have no relationship although he says they can “be friends’. It doesn’t seem they even have that. I don’t think Cody and Janelle have changed of a relationship either. These 2 ladies deserveuchore than Vody gives them.

  13. I thank ya’lldid hit. Nail on head it is all Kody fault . See if the 2 can support then self when other leave.

  14. Kody and Robin have no sympathy from me, look at the sacrifice Meri made by divorcing Kody so he could adopt her kids, once Robin and Kody were married and the adoption was finalized Kody had no use for Meri. Everyone forgets that Meri medically could only one child. She felt lost and alone, no wonder she went looking for love and got catfish. Kody pushed her away, Robin should worship the ground Meri walks on.
    Christine was made to be the nanny so both Janelle and Meri could work and help support the family.
    What does Robin actually do for the family, why does she need a nanny, her older children can help with the 2 younger ones.

  15. The older kids grew up with all of them around each other and when they got the chance to see each other they took it. What about Zoom or FaceTime. Set up times for them to see each other that way. Also they had family gatherings with distance and all was there. So by saying they ignore her & her kids is BS. When they joined the family most of the kids took them in and treated them as their siblings.

  16. As head of the “church” family, Kody is OBLIGATED to provide ALL marital needs of his wives. Those needs include sex and he knows it. He talks about his other wives not respecting HIM! HE’S NOT A HUSBAND! He knows withholding sex is not allowed. It is his obligation as a husband.

  17. Multiple wives, is not natural in our culture and society, and here is proof. Kody has a severe narcissistic personality. He wants/needs control and attention. I believe that Robyn is just as much a victim, as the others, however she is unaware. He is really using her to free himself of the first 3. When that happens, you will see. If she is not capable of ” filling his needs for admiration,” ( which he disguises as respe.ct) she will suffer. These folks never change. They can’t change. Dear Robyn, if you open your eyes and smell something, it’s the coffee, babe. Run.

  18. Kody is a prime example of a textbook misogynist, narcissistic, gas-lighting sociopath. And the perfect camouflage? Polygamy in the name of God. All his antics, including him proclaiming he never was IN love with Christine, withholding sex and affection, not talking to a couple of his eldest sons, pitting wives against one another, are all concrete, factual evidence of his toxic, shallow, controlling, abusive psyche. Kody is deplorable.

  19. What about your declaration, “Love should be multiplied” Kody? You sure don’t seem to be sharing much lately with 3 of your wives or your children. You don’t get to pick and choose when you want to be part of the family you have created. You have an obligation to all of your family,so if you want to be respected set an example and earn it!

  20. Robin is deflecting blame. Sobbin Robin is trying to shift the blame for the failed marriages back onto the three wives. He takes their money and treats them like dirt. Just wait Robin until he brings home his new sexy and young wives. What are you going to do then? You are getting old looking. Just sayin…think about it!

  21. Robyn kept dabbing her eyes and NO TEARS…even Sukanya Krishnan was looking at Robyn like..quit fake crying. Robyn very likely talks shit about the other wives and Kody’s other kids to Kody…she is putting alot into his head. End result..destroyed their family…the family that Kody had with Meri, Janelle and Christine. Robyn is the cause of the problem. The need for a nanny is just RIDICULOUS. Robyn can watch 2 kids..just lazy.

  22. Hope Kody knows he’s giving plural marriage a bad name! And l hope the church is aware what an abusive husband and father he is. (But not to Robins or children.) I don’t think rules like abuse in any form apply to any church but especially since Kody is getting away with it! Dismiss him from the church and TLC should do the same. Robin was in a marriage and got divorced married this idiot and decided it’s not going her way with three other women involved in their lives, So this plural marriage thing is not working out for her. She wants to be the one and only for him no matter who gets in her way. So she is the demise of this whole scheme to run them out. And does she think if they leave she will get there share of Coyte Pass too. I don’t think so. She is looking at dollars signs to help her family only. Boy she is a piece of work and not in a good way. Trust in this Robin, you are not the victim, but the villain of the family and show. Now go get your tissue and cry all your fake tears. And take a good look at how you look faking crying on TV. It is not a good look. UGLY!

    1. I dont feel bad for Ribyn thats how kody older kids feel now you c how it feels get lost Robyn you and kody! Oh it wasnt suppose to happen to poor lil Robyn girl please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Just from watching the show it appears if the other wives don bow down and worship Robyn and her children she thinks they don’t like her. During COVID the children could not get together until she gave permission to do so. The 3 wives would have been just fine until they welcomed evil into their lives. From the first that Robyn was introduced I could tell she was there to ripped that family apart and she finally succeeded.

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