Janelle Brown & Her Kids Find Replacement For Kody: Who Is It?

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Does Janelle Brown not feel the same desire as Christine to leave their husband Kody because she’s found a replacement for the void he’s left her and her children with?

During tonight’s episode of the Sister Wives Season 16 Tell-All, Janelle pretty much admits she and her children have a replacement for Kody. Who has stepped into Kody’s shoes for Janelle and her children? Keep reading for the spoilers.

Warning: Spoilers for Sister Wives Season 16 Tell-All Part Two ahead.

sister wives tell all - janelle brown

Janelle Brown and her children had a replacement for Kody

Turns out, Sister Wives star Janelle Brown never felt the hurt of being abandoned by Kody Brown. Why? She had someone else who stepped into those shoes to provide her and her children with the support she needed. Who was this person? Well, it was actually Christine.

sister wives christine brown

Janelle Brown explains that her children orbit around Christine the same way they orbit around their own mother. For those unfamiliar with the history of the family, Christine Brown was a huge part of Janelle’s children’s childhood. Janelle explains during the tell-all that Christine was there to help raise and protect her children so she could maintain a job.

While neither Christine nor Janelle outright admit it, Christine basically stepped into the shoes of Kody Brown and provided Janelle’s children with the other parent they needed.

Janelle Brown's Family Photo [Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram]
[Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram]

Their bond continues to grow

Janelle and Christine appear to have continued to spend time together even after Christine made the decision to divorce Kody Brown. Fans, however, suspect they are milking the current drama on the show to push the sales of their newest business venture. Fans know both Janelle and Christine Brown are knee-deep in a new weight loss product venture. The pair recently posted a photo of themselves together pushing the product while talking about being told “no” and “feeling ignored” in the caption.

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Do you think Christine Brown has stepped into the shoes of Kody as a replacement for Janelle and her children? Do you adore Christine and Janelle’s relationship? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

Part Two of the Sister Wives Season 16 Tell-All is available now via Discovery+. Or, viewers can tune in tonight only on TLC to check it out.

Trisha Faulkner


  1. I THINK they all should leave except Robyn she has Destroyed this family since day number one if the other wifes are so stupid for staying cause Cody only cares about Robyn and thats so not fair get smart the destruction that Robyn has Destroyed get smart Meri and Janelle.

    1. I think your right once Robyn came into picture that was it ! But I still don’t understand why these women think so little of themselves….after all knowing your sharing your man that’s BS……it’s pretty obvious Kody is no prize pkg and he wants to be in control. I guess they don’t believe in equality 🤷‍♀️

    2. I totally agree with you Robyn is a backstabbing two face. As far as as I’m concerned theses woman have no respect for themselves how can you share your husband with three other woman it’s just sickening.

  2. Robyn is such a fake. She acts like she cares but she really doesn’t. She loves to pretend to cry. She wrecked Meri and Kody’s marriage. Kody is a jerk. He is so full of himself. Kody and Robyn deserve each other. The other three women should head for the hills and find someone to be with that appreciates them.

  3. I think that its impossible for Christine to have “filled Kody’s shoes” as only Kody or another male could have done so.

  4. I think Cody has made Robyn look like the villain so he wouldn’t be blamed for anything. The truth to the matter is Cody thinks he’s it and he’s all that, he’s nothing but a narcissist and a bully and plays all these mind games, his rules are ridiculous to a point and what about the nanny thing and she having covid how does that fit into the rules he put out there to his family and why do they need a nanny? for who?is it for him? Why can’t Robyn take care of her kids 3 grown and 1 what 7. I’m so happy Christine is out of the picture, she’s too good for Cody, she deserves to be loved and care for but married or be with just 1 man who could give her that, I watched this show from the beginning and Christine has always been my favorite, she was the one you could count on. Cody is just pure trash, Mary &Robyn deserve each other they cry too damn much, Janelle she needs to leave Cody, why she would hang around boggles my mind. His kids are so much better then h will ever be and it’s because of their mothers not him.

  5. I totally agree with you Robyn is a backstabbing two face. As far as as I’m concerned theses woman have no respect for themselves how can you share your husband with three other woman it’s just sickening.

  6. Robin totally is the villain and not the victim. She has a jealousy and rage because Kody had to share himself with the other three. Sexual or not it bothers her even to the point of him not being involved in this other children’s lives. She is the vindictive one and cries to hide her guilt. I personally feel their live style is unhealthy and toxic for them and the children. And Robin helped it happen. Trust in this..he is not all that and never will be. I wouldn’t trust him to walk my dog! He said he is questioning his polygamy believes I wonder if the church is questioning him and the treatment of his wives and children. Who knows, Kody talks in fork tongue all the time. Thankfully Christine did a an outstanding job raising children who love her to the point of protecting her from Kody. Janelle has great kids to but I don’t see her freeing herself of Kody. Meri—well she is a lifer with Kody and into the long haul with him no matter what. Christine is the Hero for me and really hase given herself a second chance of real love and happiness.She is the strong one of all those women. Wake up Janelle Kody and Robin will be coming for you next.

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