James Kennedy Thinks Lala Kent Is ‘Hot’, Fans React

James Kennedy Think Lala Kent Is Hot, Fans React [Credit: James Kennedy/Instagram]

James Kennedy thinks Lala Kent is a “hottie” no matter what. The Vanderpump Rules star made an appearance in one of her latest Instagram posts. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Lala has reflected back at some of her looks. She’s been sharing about her cosmetic procedures and body insecurities.

In a previous episode of her Give Them Lala podcast, the Bravo star said that she wants to get new boobs. The shape of her breasts has changed ever since she gave birth to her daughter, Ocean Emmett. Lala told her co-host, Jessica, that she’s excited about her breast augmentation surgery.

Vanderpump Rules star is open about plastic surgery

Lala Kent does not shy away from her plastic surgery procedures. During the January 26, episode of her podcast, she revealed that she’s getting the procedure for herself. She’s not doing it for the next man who walks into her life. Lala joked that her baby literally sucked the life out of her boobs.

It’s not for confidence points. The former model thinks she’s good with attracting men. However, new boobs will make her feel even more desirable to men. Lala thinks there is “nothing hotter than a hot mom.” James Kennedy might agree since he slid into her comment section. (More on that later.)

James Kennedy's Shirtless Beach Vacation [Credit: James Kennedy/Instagram]
[Credit: James Kennedy/Instagram]
This isn’t the first time that Lala spoke out about her cosmetic procedures. In a previous report, she told podcast host Heather McDonald the last time she visited a plastic surgeon. On the Juicy Scoop podcast, she admitted that it’s been a few years since she’s gotten lip fillers. She has since cut back ever since she became a new mom.

Lala Kent also admitted to getting Botox injectables and fillers. But, she stopped those procedures since her face looks better in motion. However, there are times when she’s so shocked at how much her face can move. As fans know, Lala changes her mind and could go back to those procedures someday.

Lala Kent gets candid on lip fillers and boobs

Once again, Lala Kent is talking about lip fillers and boobs. A few days ago, she shared a photo of herself in a Give Them Lala sweatshirt. She reminisced about the times when she got lip fillers. Lala admitted that she missed her “freshly injected lips” before asking fans their thoughts.

James Kennedy entered the comment section. He commented with the “🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥” emojis. Fans asked them to date. This comes after James Kennedy said “never say never” to the idea of a relationship with Lala Kent on Watch What Happens Live

James Kennedy Comments On Lala Kent's Instagram Post [Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram]
[Credit: Lala Kent/Instagram]
Then, he went back to his old ways and trolled his friend. He encouraged her to “Get em” again, referring to the lip fillers. One fan asked James Kennedy why he would tell Lala to get lip fillers when he had a problem with Raquel Leviss getting a nose job. Some fans think he’s only encouraging Lala since it’s not a surgical procedure.

However, the word is still out on what he feels about Lala’s breast augmentation surgery. What are your thoughts on Lala Kent’s plastic surgery procedures? Do you think she should date James Kennedy? Sound off below in the comment section.

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