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Tyler Cameron Talks Future Relationships After Two Fails

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Tyler Cameron is back in the spotlight on a new reality television show. He appears on the new Fox hit The Real Dirty Dancing. He killed it in week one of the show. Now, he’s talking about the show but also talking about how he plans to approach relationships in the future. There’s something he wants to do differently after having two relationship fails. Keep reading to find out more.

Tyler Cameron talks about future relationships

US Weekly shared what Tyler Cameron had to say about how he intends to approach his future relationships. Of course, the two fails referenced are his time on The Bachelorette with Hannah Brown and his most recent relationship with Camila Kendra.

So, what has Tyler learned from his relationships? He said, “Slow down!” He continued, “[On] The Bachelorette, you grow so fast in that relationship, like, you have to. And I think it kind of pushed me and my other relationships to kind of want to grow so fast and it’s OK to slow down and take a breath. [That’s] something I have to work on and get better at. But yeah, slow down for sure.”

Aside from Hannah and Camila he also briefly dated Gigi Hadid.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via YouTube
Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via YouTube

Is he currently dating?

According to Tyler, there is no special lady in his life at the present time. He said, “The love life update? Well, my dog is here and we’re having a good time together and that’s about as good as my love life has ever gotten. There’s no love life update here.”

He was asked if he’s pursuing finding love on dating apps. Tyler said he’s not looking for anything. He said if it comes it comes. He likes it all to happen organically. Tyler also said he’s not really in a rush to find anybody. He’s happy and focused on the big year he has planned.

Loni Love and Tyler Cameron via YouTube
Loni Love and Tyler Cameron

The Real Dirty Dancing

Tyler is out to prove to the world and his fellow contestants that he is the best “Johnny.” He is already off to a great start. He won the best “Johnny” of week one with his sexy performance with Loni Love.

He has teased that there is more to come and his dance with Loni next week will be even hotter. Tyler said he has had the best time filming this short series and would do it all over again a hundred times.

He said, “We literally had fun for 18 days. I had fun on The Bachelorette — don’t get me wrong, I had a great time — but there’s definitely some more serious times and some aggravating times. Here, we just were dancing. And the only time we ever would get nervous is, like, eliminations ‘cause no one wanted to go home. We wanted to stay in summer camp.”

Tyler has praised Loni for being such a great partner and making him feel at ease. She has also praised Tyler saying he is not only hot but is also a gentleman. The two are having a ton of fun dancing together.

Did you catch Tyler on the premiere of The Real Dirty Dancing? Don’t miss the next episode Tuesday night on Fox.


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