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Leah Remini Brings Carrie Back To Life, ‘King Of Queens’ Reboot?

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Leah Remini’s recent Instagram video share has left fans feeling very nostalgic and wondering if Leah is dropping some big hints about a possible King of Queens reboot. In today’s television world where beloved TV shows of the past can be given a new life, it is safe to assume that the idea is never really out of the question.

This is why so many fans are going crazy questioning Leah Remini and Kevin James’ fun Instagram video share. It has been a long time for King of Queens fans and considering the immense popularity of the series then and now Tv junkies are hopeful.

Do You Miss Leah Remini As Carrie Heffernan?

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The video reveals James sitting on a sofa at a party where he wants to introduce his real-life wife when in the background Leah Remini jumps in to smack James playfully on the face. In a fun and bold Carrie Heffernan fashion, Leah and Kevin turn the clock back reminding us all just how much we miss Doug and Carrie.

Fans began immediately commenting on how much they still miss the show and questioning the chance of a King of Queens reboot.

“You guys need to do the King of Queens again. I still watch it every day,” writes one commenter.

“Bring King of Queens’ back!” adds another.

Fans Demand King of Queens Reboot

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

However, should the fans ever get their wishes, things would be very different for the Heffernans in 2022. Sadly, one key person would be missing from family dynamics. Jerry Stiller passed away in 2020 at the age of 92 from natural causes and would leave a big hole in the Heffernan household reboot.

But much like the Mad About You reboot on Spectrum, fans believe the series could continue on. When the series ended, Carrie and Doug had just adopted a baby and received the news that Carrie was also pregnant. The series could focus on Doug and Carrie’s life as parents as they struggle through raising a family in 2022.

Leah Remini and Kevin James TV’s Favorite Couple?

The hit CBS comedy sitcom first began airing in September of 1998 and ran nine seasons ending its run in May of 2007. The show stars Kevin James and Leah Remini as Doug and Carrie Heffernan, a working-class couple struggling through their marital day-to-day life with their family and friends. The couple finds a classic TV Honeymooners humor and the family feels in each episode. The Heffernans comically face the ups and downs of marriage while living with Carrie’s over-demanding father, played by the late comedian Jerry Stiller.

Doug is a happy-go-lucky UPS package delivery driver, who is content leading his average-Joe life of work,  sports food, and friends. All while dealing with a sassy and over-demanding wife.

Carrie works as a legal secretary and is faced with the chore of working and having a child-like spouse while dealing with her aging father.

The hit series found fans flocking to their television sets for nine seasons before saying goodbye to fans with a climatic and amusing two-part series finale. Leah and Kevin have remained close friends over the years and even reunited for a brief period in a new sitcom starring Kevin James Kevin Can Wait. The show ran for two seasons from 2016-to 2018.

Since the series finale in 2007, the show continues to run in syndication throughout the United States. Fans can enjoy streaming the entire 207 episode series on the Peacock streaming service.

What are your thoughts? Would you love to see the return of Doug and Carrie Heffernan? Could Leah Remini and Kevin James pull off a successful King of Queens return?


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  1. I would be so happy to see King of Queens come back! Love the show! Bring back the friends too, Spence,Danny and Deacon, all wonderful additions. Great show, bring it back!

  2. Why not add Ben Stiller and let him be Arthur’s son after Arthur did pass on he’s carries brother maybe from another mother

  3. That Leah will do anything To get back on tv! What has she done since except a show about her mistake with the Science religion. That obviously didn’t get enough sympathy for her stupid for joining in the first place! She couldn’t act on 5he show anyone with a loud annoying voice with their face over painted with make up could do just as well. At least Kevin James is there to keep the show funny.

  4. Please bring the show back. In today’s world I need some good laughs that is not slapstick and silly but genuine. PLEASE!!!

  5. Omg they are the funniest duo that Tv has ever had! I literally watch reruns of king of queens every single night. Bring them back! Dough and Kerri the world is missing you two! Even Kevin can wait was hysterical. You can’t create the chemistry those to have! Our world needs their humor back!

  6. Yes, please bring King of Queens back. I watch Doug, Carrie and the gang almost every night 🌙 online. I miss their humor sooooooo much!

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