Katie Thurston Makes Cryptic Comment About Producer Manipulation

Katie Thurston via YouTube 2

The Bachelorette Katie Thurston says what she wants. She’s proving that again with her response on a fan’s TikTok. Of course, most viewers think there is some manipulation by production happening every season. However, this time, Katie appears to be confirming it. Keep reading to find out more.

Katie Thurston makes cryptic comment about production

US Weekly shared the comment Katie Thurston made on a fan’s TikTok recently. The TikTok was about producers possibly pulling the wool over viewers’ eyes in regards to who is Clayton Echard’s finalists. Many have thought that ABC gave away Clayton’s final three and even final two in previews it showed. But, was it really just producer manipulation and editing tricks?

The TikTok said, “The Bachelor is manipulating you.” Katie replied, “Manipulation? Noooo. This is ✨ reality ✨ TV.”

Fans point out where some of the manipulation and editing comes into play. They said, “They’re making you think [the woman in the black dress] is Shanae [Ankney] and Genevieve [Parisi], but look, black dress [and] red dress. Genevieve is not wearing a red dress, one, Shanae has, like, jewels. They try to make you think Shanae is crying but look at the b*tch crying, she doesn’t have the jewels on the front!”

Katie Thurston via YouTube
Katie Thurston via YouTube

Of course, ABC wouldn’t really spoil their own ending in a preview, right?

It’s yet to be seen who Clayton will actually end up with. There are rumors floating around but no confirmation. One thing is certain, fans are anxious to see Shanae get sent home. She’s caused tons of drama on this season of The Bachelor.

Katie’s time as The Bachelorette

After trying to stop bullying on Matt James season of The Bachelor, she got her own chance to find love. Katie’s season of The Bachelorette wasn’t lacking in drama either. There was plenty. At one point Katie was ready to call it quits and just go home. This was after a confrontation with Greg Grippo. He seemed to be her front runner for quite some time. However, he later got upset she wouldn’t say I love you and opted to give up.

Katie ultimately chose Blake Moynes. Their relationship was short-lived and they announced their split in October 2021. Since then, Katie has found love once again. She started dating John Hersey who was also on her season. However, Katie sent him home during the second week.

So far they seem to be going strong and loving their time together.

What do you think about Katie’s comment? Do the producers really manipulate viewers all the time?


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