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Hannah Godwin, Dylan Barbour Stop Planning Wedding, Hint Babies

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Fan-favorite Bachelor in Paradise couple Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour are putting a halt to planning their wedding. Thankfully, it’s not because of issues in their relationship. So, why are they stopping the wedding planning? Plus, is Dylan hinting they might be ready to have a baby? Keep reading to find out more.

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour halt wedding planning

The BIP alums Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour announced they are putting their wedding on hold. For those who don’t know, Hannah and Dylan recently bought a new home together. They were already living with one another but felt they outgrew the space they were in. They loved the memories in their old house and look forward to more in their new one.

People shared what Hannah had to say. So, Hannah said between moving and buying the house their priorities had to shift a little bit. Hannah said, “So yeah, the whole wedding update thing.” She continued, “We did a lot of research and all of this stuff, and then all of a sudden, we decided to buy a new house. And there’s only so much money in the world. So, coming soon. I’m sorry.”

Hannah was also asked about the style of wedding dress she wants. She responded, “Part of me wants simple, but then I’m like… I can always wear a simple dress. You know? Maybe I go big, like Vogue. I don’t really know.”

They happened to find this new house that is the “sickest house on the planet” according to Dylan. Their realtor friend also knew someone who wanted to buy their current home. So, it just all fell into place.

Hannah said they are excited about having a king-size bed now. Dylan always accused her of taking over the whole bed so she said maybe this will help with that.

Baby before marriage?

Speculation started when Dylan recently posted a lovely message to Hannah on Instagram. It was her birthday and he praised her wit and charm and talked about how proud he is of her. The post was very sweet and romantic. He ended the post by saying, “I love you and happy birthday. Like this photo if we should have 5 kids, comment for 6.”

So, is he just being funny or do Hannah and Dylan have babies on the brain?

They wouldn’t be the first Bachelor couple to get pregnant then have a wedding. Stay tuned for more updates.


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