First Sighting Of Rob Kardashian With Daughter In A Year

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Rob Kardashian is known for hiding from the public eye and keeping photos of himself to a minimum. Finally, he has been spotted with his daughter, Dream, for the first time in a year.

Rob Kardashian is seen with daughter

Rob Kardashian has been in and out of the spotlight for years. While he generally tries to stay out of the way of the camera and off the TV shows with his sisters, he did have a big divorce that was very public.

However, since that has died down a bit, he has gone back to hiding. Until now when he has been spotted with his five-year-old daughter, Dream Kardashian, Hollywood Life reveals. What’s even better – he was spotted doing something pretty adorable.

It’s not often fans get to see Rob Kardashian really be a dad to his daughter since he keeps his life so private. However, this time, that’s exactly what he was doing. The dad had Dream in his SUV while he took her to a playdate with her cousins, Saint West and True Thompson. How sweet is that? Plus, it’s the first time he has been seen with her in a year.

While it’s pretty hard to see Rob’s body in the photos, he was wearing a hat of course while driving the large, black SUV to take his daughter out.

Rob Kardashian | Instagram
Rob Kardashian | Instagram

What did they do on their playdate?

Apparently, the cousins were headed to do some rock climbing. According to sources at Hollywood Life, the climb went pretty well and the kids seemed to have a lot of fun climbing together!

“We were just helping them with their harnesses and climbing. They were adorably competing against each other but it was all in fun. (Dream and True) were really sweet and they were just laughing, playing; it seems like they had a really good time,” the source reports.

Rob Kardashian | Instagram
Rob Kardashian | Instagram

The Kardashian family is quite lucky in that so many cousins are the same age so they always have someone to play with! However, Kim’s four kids are going through a bit more right now as they face the drama of their parents’ messy divorce. Luckily they have family members like Dream and Rob Kardashian to keep them distracted.

Do you wish Rob Kardashian would come out of hiding more? Or, do you support his decision to stay out of the spotlight? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Come back for more on all of your favorite former Keeping up with the Kardashians family members!

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