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Meri Brown Makes Bold Statement: Finally Free From Kody?

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Meri Brown made a very bold — and long — statement on Instagram today. A statement that has Sister Wives fans wondering if she’s finally free from Kody. What did Meri Brown say exactly in her bold statement? Why do fans think she might finally be free from her husband? Keep reading for all the details.

Credit: Meri and Kody Brown/TLC YouTube

Meri Brown finally labels her relationship

As we previously reported, what really threw people for a loop with this bold statement was Meri Brown finally putting a label on her relationship with Kody. The TLC personality owned the fact that she and Kody were estranged.

She explained to fans she finally used this label to describe her relationship with a friend a few months ago. She proceeded to add using this label to explain her relationship felt like she was being real and honest.

Sister Wives - Kody - Robyn - Meri - Youtube
Sister Wives – Kody – Robyn – Meri – Youtube

She’s done being silent

Likewise, we’ve also reported that Meri Brown has made it clear she’s done being the silent wife that sits in the background and accepts her fate. The TLC personality clued her fans into the fact that they are used to seeing her just accept whatever is going on. So, they had a hard time seeing her this season because she portrayed herself very differently. She refused to be silent.

Credit: Meri Brown Instagram

Meri Brown feels free by making this statement

Meri Brown admitted it felt honest to label her relationship with Kody as estranged wasn’t the only telling bit of information she shared in her Instagram post. She also talked about how free she felt being honest with her friends and fans felt.

She penned at the very beginning of her long Instagram post: “A few months ago, I used the word ‘estranged’ regarding my relationship, in a conversation with a friend. It was the first time I had vocalized it, and it felt…. honest.”

It was hard to use, and yet somewhat freeing. I know where my relationship is, I’m not oblivious to that. I will always look for the best in people and situations, and hope they see it too. I want to protect people, their emotions, the tough situations.”


The TLC personality fesses up to her followers that it wasn’t easy to label her relationship with Kody. That, however, didn’t mean she was oblivious to what they had — or more specifically, what they lacked. Breaking her silence, speaking her piece, and putting that label out there, however, left her feeling “free.”

Whether she meant she was free from Kody or she just felt free of the weight on her shoulders from refusing to accept what she had… Well, that’s up for Sister Wives fans to debate.

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