Lifetime’s Angie Harmon Shares Difficulty Of Hollywood Rejection

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Angie Harmon may have an IMDb filled with successful roles. However, to make her dream project, Lifetime’s Buried In Barstow, she faced a heap of rejection.

What did the Law & Order alum have to overcome to make it happen?

Angie Harmon Faced Rejection Pitching Project

Angie Harmon may have starred in the successful Rizzoli & Isles for seven seasons, as well as a cornucopia of other series. However, getting her passion project, Buried In Barstow made was no easy task.

On Wednesday, Fox News reported on the CTAM virtual winter press tour. Angie talked about the “learning process,” to make her dream a reality.

There’s a lot of crying and heavy drinking, more crying. There’s a lot of rejection, more crying, heavy drinking.

She had to learn that this was not personal. This was business. Moreover, others may not “see your vision.” But, she seems to have learned a lot of patience from this experience.

You know, it’s fun. It’s great. It’s just one of those things where it’s like, you really start to, in all seriousness, see how long it takes to get a project made, especially one that you believe in.

Angie Harmon Had To Deal With ‘No’

Rejection and the word “no” is familiar to all actors, including Angie Harmon. However, she never heard rejection like this before.

There are just so many different facets that go into getting a project done. And this is a real learning experience. And to be very honest, I’m comfortable with the word, no. I’m just not really used to hearing it.

In her previous experience, she heard “no,” but it always led to “yes.” This was not her experience pitching Barstow.

Because I’m like, ‘You don’t mean no. You mean yes. Great, fine, and now we all work together.’ But there was a lot of, ‘It’s not really for us.’ What are you talking about? It’s amazing and genius and these actors are incredible. What do you mean it’s not really for you?

In the end, she found this to be a “humbling” experience. This was especially true because she approached people that she respected. She seemed to feel that they would be open to her idea, but that was not the case.

So, yeah — it was a very sort of humbling experience, especially when you take it to people that you admire in the business and people that you love and adore in the business and people that have sort of shepherded you through different aspects of your career.

Angie Harmon, Bruce McGill-
Angie Harmon, Bruce McGill-

Angie Harmon’s Tenacity Paid Off

The reason that Angie Harmon’s project was made was that she believed in it, and was tenacious.

And then they say no, and you have to learn just sort of not take it personally. And I believe in it, and I’m amazingly tenacious. I believed in this from the moment that I read it. And so I was just like it has to be made. It has to be done.

Her tenacity paid off. Lifetime picked it up. They made the first movie, Buried In Barstow. Moreover, the network has already greenlit a second movie.

What Is Lifetime’s Buried In Barstow About?

In Lifetime’s Buried In Barstow, Angie Harmon portrays Hazel King. Hazel is a single mother, with a teenage daughter. Most of all, she is determined to protect her daughter. She does not want her daughter to follow in her footsteps.

That is because, at 15, Hazel was “plucked off the streets of Las Vegas.” Next, she was trained as a hitwoman. When she unexpectedly becomes pregnant, she leaves this life to run a diner in Barstow.

However, she must go back in for “one more hit.”

Lifetime will premiere Buried In Barstow in the Summer of 2022.

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