Kody Brown Answers Burning Question About Janelle, Is It Love?

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Kody Brown has had it rough with his wives this season on Sister Wives. Christine left all of his stuff in the basement after he told her he no longer wanted an intimate marriage. Meri sticks around knowing Kody will never be more than a platonic friend to her. Robyn is getting mud thrown left and right from the older children for being obedient. Finally, Janelle has basically told Kody to f- off and they cannot find a way to happily meet in the middle. Now, part two of the tell-all is getting ready to air. This means more burning questions are bound to be answered.

Kody Brown And Janelle Go Head to Head

They always seemed more like business partners than husband and wife. Janelle admittedly took pride in working outside of the home. Though she loved being a mom to her six children, she truly never wanted to be a stay-at-home mother. Luckily, she had Christine who really helped in that aspect, along with Meri, when she could. It was especially easy when the Browns lived in their single home back in Utah. Each wife had her own space in this one home but the kids were free to roam and blend.

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The wives’ relationships stayed solid even after they moved to Vegas because they lived in the cul-de-sac. However, they did have to make an effort to gather together, attend lunches, and go away. Once they all moved to Flagstaff, that was all thrown out the window. Janelle saw the communication breakdown and wanted to address it from the get-go. Sadly, COVID happened and this halted any chances they had of working on their individual relationships. Kody struggled with two of his wives, Christine and Meri.

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As revealed in part one of the tell-all, Meri and Kody have not been intimate for a decade. He and Christine have not been intimate for some time now, as well. There was no attraction, on his behalf, to his third wife and she knew it. Robyn was the one he had a strong functioning marriage with and that was because she was abiding by all of his rules. The same could not be said of Janelle who was firm in putting her kids before her husband. This caused many issues and made viewers wonder if the couple could survive.

Is It Love?

There’s no love lost between Kody Brown, Meri, and Christine at this point but what about his second wife, Janelle? Where does the couple stand after a really rough two seasons? Kody put Janelle down, threatening to evict their two sons, Gabriel and Garrison. Furthermore, he referred to them as her children. This subject is somewhat addressed in a clip for part two of the tell-all, airing Sunday.

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When asked by the host, Sukanya Krishnan if he is in love with Janelle, Kody says he loves her. That leads to the next question of if he is in love with her. Loving someone and being in love are two very different birds. Kody seemingly nods his head but it is unclear what direction his answer is leading.

Do you think he is in love with Janelle or is it all about Robyn at this point? Let us know in the comments and watch part two of Sister Wives: One on One Sunday on TLC.


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  1. Kody only lives Robyn and himself. He doesn’t even love all those kids. He only wants the women for their money. He doesn’t work they do.

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