Is Jon Gosselin Missing Kate & His Children?

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Jon & Kate Plus 8 has been off the air for quite some time. But many fans fondly remember watching the children grow up and the family thrive. And it seems like fans may not be the only ones who feel this way. Is it possible that Jon Gosselin also wishes he could go back in time?

Keep reading to find out why some fans think the former TLC star really misses his family and the old days.

Jon Gosselin only has custody of two of his children

After a divorce, it’s only natural for there to be some hard feelings. However, fans noticed that Jon Gosselin seems more melancholy these days. Is it possible he’s really missing his family?

The Sun reports Jon posted a few nostalgic photos and videos of his children in recent weeks. But since Jon and Kate split up in 2009, there’s been a complicated custody battle for the kids.

The sextuplets are now 17-years-old, so it seems like the custody battle may come to an end soon. The sextuplets turn 18 on May 10 and will no longer require a legal guardian. The twins, Mady and Cara, are now 21-years-old and are living their own lives. Jon once admitted he hasn’t spoken to the twins in eight years.

As it now stands, Collin and Hannah live with Jon in Pennsylvania while the other four sextuplets live with Kate in North Carolina.

Hannah and Collin Gosselin/Jon Gosselin’s Instagram

It can’t be easy for Jon to only have custody of Hannah and Collin. It’s hard to say how strained his relationship is with the rest of the kids, but it isn’t a good sign that it’s been eight years since he spoke to the twins.

The former TLC star posts sentimental videos of his children when they were younger

Jon Gosselin posts more on Instagram now than he has in the past. A lot of his photos feature outings with Hannah and Collin.

Jon Gosselin/Instagram

However, the most recent posts feature throwbacks to when all his kids were little and he was still married to Kate.

In one video, he seems to be struggling with the children running up and down the stairs. In another, he talks to one of the sextuplets about going to see Oprah.

Fans seem largely supportive of Jon’s posts in the comments section. It seems nice that he has such fond memories with the kids. But why is he posting throwback posts in a short period of time? Some fans can’t help but wonder if he’s secretly mourning the life he once had when the family was still together.

Do you think Jon Gosselin is feeling lonely these days? Be sure to leave your comments below. Keep following us for the latest TLC news!

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