Jill Dillard Following In Her Sister Jinger Vuolo’s Footsteps?

Jill Dillard Instagram, Jinger Vuolo Instagram

It looks like Jill Dillard might be taking some of her sister, Jinger Vuolo’s wisdom to heart. After seeing Jinger make a big decision, Jill might be feeling inspired. From what fans saw on TLC, it looked like Duggar sisters all got along really well and were very close to one another.

Though they are all grown up, they still seem to appreciate each other despite rumors that they might be feuding. So, what do Jill and Jinger have in common?

Jill Dillard Instagram
Jill Dillard Instagram

Jill Dillard posts more pictures but keeps her kids’ faces hidden.

This week, Jill Dillard made her return to social media after being silent for nearly two months. Fans were worried about her, so they are relieved to see her back online. She seems to be doing well.

However, when she returned to Instagram, fans noticed something different about Jill’s pictures. Since her sons, Israel, 6, and Samuel, 4, were born, she has always posted pictures of them online. But now, she’s taking a different approach, it seems.

All of the pictures Jill has posted online in the past week feature her sons but don’t show their faces. Fans think she’s decided to give her kids more privacy, but she hasn’t confirmed this herself yet.

Jill Dillard Instagram
Jill Dillard Instagram
Jill Dillard Instagram

Did Jinger Vuolo inspire her sister?

It’s possible that Jill Dillard made this decision after seeing her sister Jinger Vuolo do the same thing. Jinger and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, have decided not to post pictures that reveal their daughters’ identities. So, fans can only see pictures of the backs of their heads or of their bodies.

Jinger has gotten pretty creative when it comes to posting pictures of her kids while keeping their faces hidden.

It’s possible that Jill saw what Jinger was doing and thought it was a good idea to keep her kids’ faces out of pictures, too.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Are any other Duggars concerned about privacy?

While Jinger was the first of the Duggar kids to stop posting pictures that reveal her kids’ faces, it looks like Josiah and Lauren Duggar are following her lead, too. As we previously reported, they stopped posting on Instagram in November 2020.

Then, in 2021, they scrubbed their page of all but six of their photos. Their daughter Bella is nowhere to be seen on their page anymore. This could be due to wanting to give their daughter a more private life, but no one knows for sure. Either way, Josiah and Lauren are staying off social media now, according to his sister Jessa Seewald.

So, do you think that these recent pictures are proof that Jill Dillard is done showing her kids’ faces online? Do you think she felt inspired by Jinger Vuolo? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And for more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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