Christine Brown Says There Was ALWAYS Jealousy

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Since Christine Brown has left the Brown family, she’s more forthcoming about what she has gone through over the years. It is no secret that she and Kody have not had a functional marriage for many years. Furthermore, she is completely upfront about choosing a personal life over a husband. She is much more unapologetic than the docile and obedient wife Sister Wives viewers met in 2010. In part two of Sister Wives: One on One, Christine is sharing details about familial jealousy that has always been there.

Christine Brown- From Obedient to Free

It was clear Christine was very subservient to Kody from the beginning. She openly admitted at the end of Season 16 that she was the type of wife who always said yes. However, that quickly changed the more freedom she obtained. In fact, all of the wives started to assert their freedom upon leaving their one-home lifestyle in Utah. There, Christine was the caretaker of her and Janelle’s children, the homemaker. Then they all moved to Vegas where they each had their own homes.

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With the wives having their own space, they could set rules and boundaries. Christine got a taste of her own autonomy and even found a career. She and Janelle both got their real estate licenses and eventually, she got into the MLM business. Christine was making her own money and this carried over to Flagstaff. Living there was not her dream. She longed to move back to Utah where much of her family was.

Christine Brown Smiles [Credit: Christine Brown/Instagram]
[Credit: Christine Brown/Instagram]
When the pandemic hit, Christine set her own standards and did not care much about what Kody had to say. Because she raised Janelle’s kids, the two women made sure they saw each other frequently. By the end, Christine and Kody had become so divided. He admitted he no longer wanted an intimate marriage with her and saw no problem with this. She did and told him she was basically done. Now they are divorced and will be discussing that and more on the Season 16 tell-all. One of the issues is jealousy in the marriage and it turns out, it was always there.

Hey Jealousy

When Robyn first came on the scene, Christine Brown commented that she could be great but they would just have to see. Some viewers believe Robyn was actually the downfall of the family. In part one of Sister Wives: One on One, Meri discussed the idea of jealousy. When she was first married to Kody, they were very happy. Janelle was the second wife to enter and it was an adjustment and a learning curve.

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Yet it was Christine who was the hardest to adapt to and she still does not know why. This week, Christine shares there was always jealousy amongst the women. It was a real thing that they have had all of the time and it makes sense. They went from a three women rotation to a four. Then, Meri was no longer part of it so it went back to three. However, Kody and Christine started to struggle and when the pandemic hit, Kody was almost exclusively with Robyn.

Christine noted several times that it was hard for her to see Kody having functional marriages with the other women. That was really the nail in the coffin. Find out about that and more when part two airs Sunday on TLC.



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