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‘Love After Lockup’: Was Kristianna Arrested AGAIN?

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Love After Lockup star Kristianna Roth Miller has had a rough road to recovery It took several arrests and jail time for her to finally find peace. Along with the support of her husband John Miller, Kristianna managed to stay clean. However, towards the end of the last season of  Life After Lockup, she started to exude off behavior. This led to speculation about her sobriety. Luckily, once filming stopped, she took to Facebook to put everyone’s minds at ease. Sadly, that was short-lived. Some erratic posts led her followers to believe Kristianna was not okay. Now it appears their concerns were validated.

Kristianna Finds Hope and Love After Lockup

It was much of a whirlwind for Kristianna when she left prison. She had been communicating with John Miller while she was locked up. They were both eager to start their lives together, especially since she would be headed to a halfway house. John decided to plan a shotgun wedding for him and Kristianna for the moment she was released. He had the paperwork and everything needed for a wedding to be held at his truck. Sadly, she was sent back to jail no sooner than when she got out.

Love After Lockup Credit: WEtv

She got another chance upon her release, less than a year later. John had flirted with her sister, Terra while she was incarcerated so he knew he had to remind her how much he loved her. Since they referred to one another as Bonnie and Clyde, he set up an elaborate proposal. She said yes and they went on to plan their dream wedding. Little did Kristianna know that John told her sister, Terra she was not invited. Terra not being there broke Kritianna’s heart.

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It was also really stressful when her mother’s health continued to decline. Yet, Kris and John continued to be there for her mother. Unfortunately, by the end of the season, Kristianna had taken off and left John behind. He believed she wen to be with her sister and was possibly using again. John cut his hair off in sacrifice, putting his marriage to rest. Ultimately, they both went on Facebook to show they were still happily married with Kristianna sober. Soon, the tides were about to turn in a negative way.

In Trouble Again?

Recently, Kristianna shared she was single on her Facebook page. She also shared there was a rift between her and her mom. Furthermore, she talked about how she gave up two daughters for adoption when she was using. She had hopes of reconnecting with them. Then, she started selling her valuables, including an iPhone 13 and Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. Followers and friends were getting concerned and it seems their intuition was spot on, according to Starcasm.

Credit: Kristianna Miller Facebook
Credit: Kristianna Miller Facebook


They obtained their information from Tracy Trendy who has posted a YouTube video with screengrabs and such. According to the report, Kristianna was arrested for second-degree burglary. It does not appear she has actually returned to prison. Starcasm speculates she is serving her time either in a halfway house or on parole as her status is “Community Based Corrections.”

Credit: Kristianna Miller Facebook

In her mugshot, Kristianna is sporting a bright smile as well as her new sporty haircut and fiery burgundy color. No word from John as of now but wishing Kristianna all the best. Also, no word if she will continue with the Love After Lockup franchise or will take a hiatus.

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