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Amy King Explodes Over ‘Twisted’ Words, Finally Says ‘Goodbye’

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Duggar cousin Amy King has officially had enough, and now, she’s decided it’s time to say goodbye. She claims that her words have been “twisted” and that’s why she’s “over it.” So, what’s going on with the Duggar cousin?

In case you missed it, Amy was recently involved in a lot of drama with blogger and YouTuber, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal BallThe two women used to get along well, it seemed. But things changed and they both fired shots at each other online.

Now, more drama from Amy, unrelated to WOACB, has erupted online. Keep reading to get all of the details.

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Amy King explodes online and decides it’s time to leave.

It all began with one tweet and a message that fans might not have liked.

On Thursday, February 3, Amy King sent out a tweet about how she feels sorry for those who don’t believe in Jesus. She adds, “What a terrible life that would be. Devastating without any hope.”

She also said she would be praying for her “enemies.”


However, it doesn’t look like this tweet was received the same way she thought it would be. In response to the tweet, some of her followers were talking about how “sad” and disappointing the tweet is. Some of them are very upset and feel that Amy doesn’t understand that they can be happy with or without religion in their lives.

After receiving some pushback, Amy quickly followed up with another tweet, explaining herself further. She clarifies that people can still be “good,” even “without knowing the Lord.”

Then, she blew up. The Duggar cousin said, “You can’t say anything right anymore without someone twisting/assuming/attacking and judging. I’M OVER IT.”


Finally, Amy King sent out one more tweet, revealing that she’s saying “goodbye” to Twitter. It looks like she’s officially done with the social media platform.


Though Amy is ditching Twitter, there are still other ways for her followers to keep up with her, if they would like to. She is pretty active on Instagram and posts lots of pictures and videos of her toddler son, Daxton.

So, what do you think of Amy King’s latest tweets? Does it surprise you that she is actually leaving Twitter over this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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