Old Photo Shows Side Of Farrah Abraham’s Mom Fans Have Never Seen

Farrah Abraham's mom - YouTube

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham hasn’t been in the spotlight much recently. However, a recent throwback photo posted of Farrah with her mother and father has fans’ attention. Daughter like mother, both Farrah and Debra have transformed over the years. Fans weren’t afraid to let them know they noticed either.

Throwback Pic Bring Attention To Farrah’s Plastic Surgery

Farrah has had several rounds of plastic surgery to create the star everyone recognizes today. It is obvious she’s had plenty of work done. In fact, professional plastic surgeons have estimated she’s had $133,000 in surgery performed, possibly more. The Teen Mom star has been fairly open about the work she’s had done. Farrah has undergone fox eye surgery ($7,500), had veneers put in ($20,000), a nose job ($12,000), a brow lift ($9,000), among numerous other surgeries and procedures.

Farrah Abraham's mom - Youtube

Credit: YouTube/MTV’s Teen Mom

The throwback photo had a lot of people asking why Abraham has spent so much on perfecting her outer beauty though. “Farrah literally won the genetic lottery and she had to botch her face,” one Reddit user posted underneath the photo. She isn’t the only one in the family that has had work done too. Farrah Abraham’s mom, Debra, looks completely different too.

Farrah Abraham’s Mom Is Unrecognizable In Old Photo

Like Farrah, her mother is unrecognizable in the old photo posted on Reddit. The photo showed a very young Farrah alongside her mother and father. Farrah Abraham’s mom looks stunning. Her natural beauty really came through in the old snapshot. Compared to the person fans saw in Teen Mom OG, Debra looks like a different person. There is no doubt she’s had a few procedures done herself, but stress and strain on the relationship with her daughter have added a few years, too.

Farrah Abraham's mom - Reddit

Credit: Reddit

Debra and Farrah have been estranged since May 2021. When asked about her relationship with Farrah, Debra says that she felt disrespected by her daughter. She would love to mend their relationship, but she says that she refuses to be treated with anything less than kindness and respect anymore.

After being fired from Teen Mom OG, Farrah has been involved in a string of conflicts. Last month, she was arrested for assault. Abraham said that she has had suicidal thoughts and is afraid to leave her home since being arrested. She allegedly assaulted a member of the staff at Grandmaster Records. Abraham has since countered that she was the one who was assaulted.

Right now, Farrah says she has no use of the upper right side of her body due to the assault. Photos from the incident show her lying on the floor, face-down. Farrah Abraham’s mom commented on the event by saying that her daughter believes she is always the victim. Debra said, “Bad behavior has consequences and you have to treat people with respect. People who don’t have to get corrected.”  Only time will tell what kind of consequences Farrah may have to pay.

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