Lifetime’s ‘Stolen By Their Father’ Stars Sarah Drew, EP Elizabeth Smart

Lifetime Stolen Hearts Sarah Drew-

Lifetime’s Ripped From The Headlines is back with Stolen By Their Father. This stars Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy, One Summer), Kimonas Kouris (Avanos, Nexting), Valentina Battrick (The Wishing Tree, Fear Thy Neighbor), Carina Battrick (Chucky, Blue’s Clues & You), and Nikos Orfanos (Short Fuse, Anastasia).

Stolen by their Father is directed by Simone Stock. Barbara Kymlicka wrote the script, based on the memoir, Piece Of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters, by Lizbeth Meredith. Elizabeth Smart is one of the executive producers of this Lifetime movie.

In addition, Lifetime will air Beyond The Headlines right after this Sarah Drew movie. Are you ready to learn more?

What Is Stolen By Their Father About?

According to The Futon CriticStolen By Their Father is about a mother, Lizbeth Meredith (Drew), who says goodbye to her young daughters. They have left for a non-custodial visit with their father, her abusive ex-husband.

However, only a few days later, Lizbeth discovers he has kidnapped the children and taken them to Greece.

For the next 2 years, Lizbeth travels to the White House and Greece, burning through every dime and favor to get her children back. This urgency to find her daughters is fueled by the memories of her own childhood kidnapping.

One false move and her ex-husband will vanish with her girls. This would guarantee that Lizbeth will never see them again.

Two false moves and he’ll make good on his promise to kill her.

Yet, a mother’s love knows no borders, and Lizbeth will risk everything to protect her daughters and bring them back home.

Lifetime Stolen By Their Father-
Lifetime Stolen By Their Father-

When Is The Lifetime Premiere Of Stolen By Their Father

Stolen By Their Father premieres on Saturday, March 5, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on Lifetime.

Sarah Drew, Nikos Orfanos on Lifetime set of Stolen By Their Father-
Sarah Drew, Nikos Orfanos on Lifetime set of Stolen By Their Father-

Lifetime’s Beyond The Headlines Tells Real Story of Stolen By Their Father 

Immediately following Lifetime’s Stolen By Their Father, get the real story. In the Beyond The Headlines documentary, meet the real Lizbeth Meredith and her daughters.

They recount the autobiographical story behind the Lifetime Movie. Moreover, this documentary will include Lizbeth’s own challenging upbringing. In addition, it will include the emotional toll she and her daughters went through while separated. Lastly, the movie will also share their ultimate reunion and recovery.

Most of all, this documentary short digs deep into the revealing events behind the Lifetime movie Stolen By Their Father.

Sarah Drew Just Signed Lifetime Two-Movie Deal

In November, Lifetime announced that they signed a two-movie deal with Sarah Drew. Stolen By Their Father is the first movie in this deal.

The second will be an It’s A Wonderful Lifetime Christmas movie. Lifetime has not made the movie yet.

Don’t miss the premiere of the Ripped From The Headlines movie, Stolen By Their Father. This premieres on Saturday, March 5, at 8 p.m. Eastern, on Lifetime. Immediately afterward, watch the Beyond The Headlines documentary short on the real Lizbeth Meredith and her daughters.

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