Lauren Duggar Done Being In The Public Eye?

Lauren Duggar, YouTube

Is former Counting On star Lauren Duggar over being in the public eye? Josiah Duggar’s wife has been laying low for months and seldom appears at family gatherings or on social media. Fans have been worried about her in the past, but now, they’re wondering if she is just over living her life so publicly.

When Lauren and Josiah got married, the family’s TLC show, Counting On, was still airing. Many moments of the couple’s lives were documented on the show, from their honeymoon to their heartbreaking miscarriage.

Now, with the show being canceled, many Duggar kids have ramped up their social media posts and even share YouTube videos about their lives to make money.

Lauren Duggar disappears from the public eye.

However, in 2021, Josiah and Lauren Duggar completely scrubbed their Instagram page, leaving just six photos up. Then, when Jessa Seewald shared her ugly Christmas sweater party video with fans, almost all of the Duggar family members were present. Lauren was barely visible, though.

Lauren Duggar, TLC YouTube

In response to Jessa’s video, Duggar Snarkers are wondering if there’s an agreement between her and Lauren Duggar. Lauren might have asked Jessa not to share any videos that show her and Bella.

One critic writes, “Wow!! I’m almost certain that Jessa and Lauren have some sort of agreement as to not feature her or Bella in YouTube videos. I heard Lauren at the beginning but she was never once shown.”

Someone else adds, “I think Lauren is 100% done with being a public figure pregnant or not.”

Lauren did appear for a split second. You can see her behind John-David Duggar in the snaps below.


In the comments section of one of Jessa’s recent YouTube videos, one fan asked for an update on Josiah and Lauren Duggar. Jessa responded, “They’ve chosen not to be active on social media anymore, but they’re doing wonderful! Thanks for asking!”

So, it’s possible that Lauren and Josiah are just trying to stay out of the public eye.

Did Bella Duggar surface at the family gathering?

It looks like two-year-old Bella Duggar might have been in the background of Jessa’s video a few times. However, we can’t confirm that it’s actually her. There are several little girls in the Duggar family who are around the same age, and they’re all blonde. Addison (Joe and Kendra’s daughter), Maryella (Josh and Anna’s daughter), and Gracie (John and Abbie’s daughter) are very close in age to Bella.

They were in different parts of the video and were wearing different outfits from the child seen below. But an outfit change is totally possible with toddlers.


So, do you think that Jessa Seewald purposely kept Bella and Lauren Duggar out of her video? Why do you think this is? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace. You can watch Jessa’s video here and see which family members you can spot.

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