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Jessa Seewald No Longer Getting Cash From Daddy Duggar?

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Jessa Seewald may not be getting money from her dad, Jim Bob Duggar, anymore. There’s been heavy speculation that Jessa relied on her dad for money.

Over the years, Jessa has received money from her family’s TLC shows. When she and Ben got married, they were given a home that had been in the family for years. So, many fans assumed that Jessa’s dad was providing for her.

With four young kids to raise, Jessa and Ben have to be making money somehow. Ben is a pastor, but it’s unclear how much money he brings in. This may have fueled the speculation about Jim Bob paying Jessa’s bills.

However, after Jessa told fans about her home renovation, they asked if Jim Bob had paid for it all. Jessa made it clear that she isn’t getting money from her dad and that she’s paying for the renovation herself.

Now, Jessa Seewald may be making it even more obvious that she and her husband, Ben, are financially independent.


Is Jessa Seewald trying to earn money elsewhere now?

It looks like Jessa Seewald might be going another route to pay the bills and pay for her home renovation project. On Wednesday, the former TLC star shared a new YouTube video, which featured the Duggar family’s ugly Christmas sweater party.

However, in the video, Jessa also inserted an ad she recorded herself. It looks like she partnered with a brand called Native, which sells clean deodorants, body washes, toothpaste, and more. Because she shilled the products in her YouTube video, she has a code to share with her viewers. And if they use the code or her link, she will get some kind of compensation.

This is one way that Jessa could be making money. This could be a sign that she’s no longer financially dependent on her father, which would explain why she was seeking brands to create ads for. This is a fairly simple way for her to bring in money from home. Because she has a large following on social media, she can reach a lot of people with the ads she puts out.

If Jessa previously was getting money from Jim Bob, a recent change in that cash flow might explain her new video with an ad.

So, do you think that this is proof that Jessa Seewald isn’t dependent on her dad for money? Do you think she ever relied on him financially? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For the latest news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace. You can see Jessa’s video here.

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