WWE Royal Rumble 2022: Full Results, Top Moments


The WWE Royal Royal 2022 officially kicked off the Road to Wrestlemania and did so in a big way. With the men and women taking part in their own 30 person rumble matches, multiple titles were also on the line. Brock Lesnar defended his WWE Championship against Bobby Lashley in a dream match-up. In a battle of the Shield, Roman Reigns defended his Universal Title against Seth Rollins.

Other action included The Miz and Maryse taking on Edge and Beth Phoenix. Becky Lynch also defending her Smackdown Women’s Title against Doudrop. The event took place at The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri in front of over 44,000 fans.

WWE Royal Rumble 2022: Top Moments

The Ultimate Betrayal
It was earlier this month at WWE Day 1 where Brock Lesnar became the new WWE Champion. Lesnar’s first challenger was quickly decided in the form of Bobby Lashley at the Royal Rumble. As expected, the battle between the two former MMA fighters was powerful and intense. In the end, the referee was bumped allowing Roman Reigns to interfere and attack Lesnar. At this moment, Paul Heyman handed over Lesnar’s WWE Championship to Reigns who used it against him. Lashley crawled over to make the pin and become the new champion. Heyman has committed the ultimate betrayal with his turn on Lesnar to rejoin Reigns.

New Champion Crowned

Brock’s Final Stretch
Brock Lesnar didn’t start off the Royal Rumble in a positive way, so he made sure to finish it that way. As the men’s Royal Rumble made its way through each entrant, it was at the number 30 position that was the big surprise. As the alarm sounded, Brock Lesnar made his way out and quickly dominated. With the match coming to a close, Lesnar claimed Drew McIntyre and punched his ticket to Wrestlemania.

The Sheild Receipt
At one point, The Shield was one of the most dominating forces in the WWE. At the Royal Rumble, two former members battled it out for the Universal Championship. Seth Rollins took quick control, nearly getting the win on multiple occasions. Reigns then applied the guillotine choke on Rollins, who grabbed the rope to break the submission. Reigns refused to release Rollins and was disqualified but kept his title. After the match, Reigns beat down Rollins with a chair in a vicious attack.

WWE Royal Rumble: Full Results

WWE Universal Championship: Seth Rollins d. Roman Reigns via DQ, Worth a Watch, ***3/4

WWE Championship: Bobby Lashley d. Brock Lesnar (New Champion), Skim It, **3/4

WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship: Becky Lynch d. Doudrop, Skim It, **1/2

Edge and Beth Phoenix d. The Miz and Maryse, Worth a Watch, ***

Women’s Royal Rumble: Ronda Rousey last eliminating Charlotte, Worth a Watch, ***

Men’s Royal Rumble: Brock Lesnar last eliminating Drew McIntyre, Skim It, **

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