Meredith Marks Gets Roasted About Her Face, See Epic Response

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RHOSLC fans were shocked by the changes to Meredith Marks’ face on a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live. Keep reading to see her epic response to the rude comments. 

RHOSLC star back for Season 3?

The ladies of Salt Lake City are bringing the drama for Season 2. Fans thought the Feds looking for Jen Shah to arrest her was the height of the season. However, since that time, at least one other star of the show was fired. Another’s future hangs in the balance.

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Meredith Marks/Credit: Meredith Marks Instagram

Reportedly, Season 3 of the Bravo show is already filming. Shah, Heather Gay, Lisa Barlow, Whitney Rose, and Meredith Marks are all expected to return. However, newbie Jennie Nguyen was fired in January 2022 after past racist social media posts came to light.

A few weeks before Jennie’s firing, Mary Cosby skipped the Season 2 reunion taping. In the past, skipping reunions often means not returning for the next season. However, the network hasn’t revealed Mary Cosby’s fate for Season 3.

Meredith Marks SHOCKS viewers with new face

Meredith Marks has been front and center on Season 2 of RHOSLC. The other housewives speculated that she might have had something to do with the Feds going after Jen Shah. Marks has denied any involvement in Shah’s arrest. However, some of the other cast members can’t let go of the idea.

Meredith was on WWHL following a tense episode that involved an expletive-filled rant about Meredith from long-time friend Lisa Barlow. On the Bravo talk show, she spoke out about Barlow’s “hot mic” moment.

But fans couldn’t look past Meredith Marks’ drastic change in appearance. Many fans speculated online that the reality star had fillers put in before the show, giving her face an unusual puffiness.

The Bravo WWHL Instagram account shared a video clip of Meredith’s appearance. Many followers took to the comments to talk about her face:

  • Over-filled
  • I thought it was Kaitlyn Jenner
  • O.k I almost didn’t recognize Meredith
  • Oh Gawd. The Plastic Surgery is defeating Meredith. Yikes
  • Good gawd. Take it easy with the Botox
  • Literally did not recognize Meredith!

The photo below compares Meredith’s WWHL look to an early Season 2 clip:

Two photos of the same woman, one photo with a swollen face
Meredith Marks/Credit: Bravo YouTube

Reality star claps back at rude comments

Meredith  Marks may not be engaging on RHOSLC, but she is with social media users. She took to her Twitter to address the commentary. The reality star acknowledges questions about her appearance. She admits that there was swelling in her face.

However, she denies it was from a cosmetic procedure.

You can see on my insta story pic taken the next day where the swelling is down. I am human. Not every day is perfect. Sorry” – Meredith Marks, Twitter.

The photo she’s talking about:

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Meredith Marks/Credit: Meredith Marks Instagram

Not the first time her appearance came under fire

The RHOSLC star’s recent stint on WWHL wasn’t the first time fans made comments about her face. The television personality was accused of using Facetune on a photo she posted to her Instagram. Fans thought she looked unrecognizable. Do you agree?

Meredith Marks/Credit: Meredith Marks Instagram

Do you think Meredith Marks is being honest about cosmetic surgery not the cause of her drastic appearance? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Bravo has yet to release an air date for the Season 2 reunion. New episodes of RHOSLC air Sundays on Bravo.

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