Did Kyle Richards Husband Cheat On Her? [Credit: YouTube]

Did Kyle Richards’ Husband Cheat On Her? Why Fans Think So

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Bravo fans can’t help but wonder if Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio Umansky ever cheated on her. The two claim to be happily married. Yet, Mauricio is known for his good looks and laid-back personality. There are questions about Kyle’s marriage after she posed for a photo with her co-stars.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the RHOBH Season 12 cast is currently on a trip to Aspen, Colorado. Mauricio popped up in one of the photos. Kyle took to Instagram to share a photo of the entire cast in front of a private jet. This is the very photo that had fans buzzing.

Did Mauricio Umansky cheat on Kyle Richards?

Kyle Richards shared the photo on Monday, January 31. She captioned the photo: “Coming in hot #RHOBH.” It certainly got the fans talking. Some of them noticed that Mauricio was the only man present. No other husbands were there with their housewives.

Fans took to the Real Housewives subreddit to speculate over the seemingly innocent photo. Some assumed he had to be there because he was unfaithful, while others think he was there to promote his business.

Mauricio Kisses Kyle Richards [Credit: Kyle Richards/Instagram]
[Credit: Kyle Richards/Instagram]
The Reddit thread is titled: “First UGT now this. Why is Mauricio the only husband there? Is Kyle *that friend* who brings her man everywhere?” That fan noted that Mauricio last popped up in the Bahamas when Kyle Richards was on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls’Trip. They are already sick of seeing his face. Some fans wondered if Kyle didn’t want to leave him alone at home.

  • “While the cat’s away the mice will play and Kyle’s not taking that chance anymore.”
  • “She never used to bring him along so either she caught/confirmed him cheating or she’s pushing/promoting him and his upcoming show about The Agency.”
  • “She is afraid that if he doesn’t come, he would never emotionally fulfill her.”
  • “Maybe they went somewhere with legalized MJ.”
  • “So he can’t keep double tapping on ig models duh.”

RHOBH Season 12 cast gets roasted for their fashion

Meanwhile, other fans couldn’t stop focusing on their fashions. One noted that they’ve “never seen so many fashion victims in one photo.” It looked like the ladies dressed up for different trips. Their outfits certainly clashed.

  • “Dorit 🤢when I see the logo mania I wanna vomit.”
  • “Fashion is the worst part of this show.”
  • “Rinna what in gods name are you wearing.”
  • “Wtf is everyone other than Garcelle wearing.”
  • “Kyle dressed like a dollar store LVP.”

There are also concerns about the casting. They added two new “friends of” the housewives this year. Some fans feel there are too many in this cast. They want Bravo to cut the dead meat and do a cast shakeup instead.

Kyle Richards With RHOBH Season 12 Cast Trip [Credit: Kyle Richards/Instagram]
[Credit: Kyle Richards/Instagram]
What are your thoughts on the RHOBH Season 12 cast trip? Do you believe the rumors that Kyle Richards’ husband cheated on her? What are your thoughts on the fashions on the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Kyle Richards.

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  1. The outfits are a little off for a trip to Aspen but their choice. I think he would be stupid to cheat maybe they like being together nothing wrong with that and good for them if their promoting his business smart.

  2. I think Kyle is a petty spoiled person who loves to instigate trouble and then cries when she is confronted. I lived in LA and worked in Beverly Hills and I have NEVER saw anyone act so childish. Lisa R. is a trouble maker and needs attention at any cost. Ericka is a very troubled person and a BULLY. I have stopped watching RHOBH because these women should be ashamed of themselves for portraying themselves in such an ugly manner. Dorit is a loudmouth who acts uneducated and never shuts up. Shame on Andy Cohen for bringing this crap to television. It’s all about $ for all of them

    1. Exactly!! I refuse to watch that show unless the “Heathers” get a visit by karma! Good news is it looks like it’s here! Erika’s money problems, Rinna losing fans daily and Kyle playing victim crying while she gets her friends to hang up against Kathy with her makes this season look enjoyable for me. Kim was easily Kyle’s pawn, but Kathy isnt one to be messed with. Needless to say, watching these ladies pay for the unacceptable way they behave is going to be entertainment Gold! I’m not going after Dorit. That burglary was horrible and I am so happy she’s ok to be with her kids and husband. My heart goes out to her. And to the rest, they need to do a TRHONY season 4-5 recast! Keep Kathy, Sutton, Garcelle, and Queen LVP!!

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