Jackie Goldschneider Gives Marital Update, Amid Latest Rumors

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Jackie Goldschneider is no stranger to rumors about her marriage to her husband, Evan. The two weathered a heavy storm during Season 11 of RHONJ. Cast member Teresa Guidice took it upon herself to tell anyone who would listen that Evan had been unfaithful. Jackie was mortified not just because it happened at a party for Evan but because Teresa would spread such false accusations. She never shared who her source was but in the end, Teresa apologized and everything was put to rest. Now, more gossip is coming up about the Goldschneider’s and where they stand. Therefore, Jackie is setting the record straight on her and her hubby.

Jackie Goldschneider- Ultimate Housewife

When Jackie joined the cast of RHONJ in Season 9, she was a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she have a law degree but she is also a writer. Furthermore, she is a mom of two sets of twins with a handsome husband to boot. Immediately, she hit it off with Melissa Gorga and Margaret Josephs, who joined in Season 8. Unfortunately, the other wives were not super fond of her, mainly Teresa.

Jackie Goldschneider

Jackie had no problem calling Teresa out or going head-to-head with her. This caused quite a rift with the ladies because they did not know who to side with. Yet, Marge and Melissa appreciated Jackie’s realness so they never strayed from her. She faced conflict with Jennifer Aydin over a piece she wrote about child entitlement which caused a lot of strain within the group.

Jackie Goldschneider Credit: Jackie Goldscnheider IG

Nothing was as bad as when Teresa shared with virtually every party guest that Jackie’s husband had been unfaithful. Jackie felt betrayed because she knew this to be untrue or at least believed it to be. Additionally, it was a party to celebrate Evan so to have it happen there was the worst time and place. Teresa would not share who she heard it from and chalked it up to just a rumor. It got so out of hand, jabs were thrown and it took until the end of the season to get resolved. It never truly was and now more rumors are plaguing the once very happy couple.

Where Do They Stand?

Season 12 of RHONJ begins Tuesday, February 1. Clips show that all is not right in the Aydin household. Yet, how are things with Jackie and Evan? The Hollywood Gossip addressed the latest rumor that the two are getting divorced. Firstly, they are very much together and they want to reassure their children who may hear rumblings at school. The couple makes sure to be affectionate with one another so their four kids know mommy and daddy have a lot of love.

RHONJ Melissa Gorga instagram
RHONJ Melissa Gorga instagram

“Like, when they see us kiss on the way out the door. They see us holding hands when we’re walking. Those little things, let them know that mommy and daddy truly love each other,” she shared. As for what transpired last season, the children were not allowed to see any of it. She felt it was degrading for Evan and did not want to warp their kids’ views of their dad.

Luckily, this is in the past though it would be impossible for it not to resurface from time to time. Jackie does not hold any ill will towards Teresa and only wishes her happiness with her new man. Catch Jackie Goldschneider and all the ladies when RHONJ returns tonight on Bravo.



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