Fans Are Shocked At Blayke Busby’s Height But More So By Adam’s?

Adam Busby Instagram, Danielle Busby Instagram (Blayke Busby)

OutDaughtered fans are surprised to see just how tall Blayke Busby is. Dad Adam Busby posed for a few pictures with his oldest daughter, revealing his height to fans, too. Now, they can’t stop talking about both Adam’s and Blayke’s heights.

In a new Instagram post, Adam revealed that he took Blayke to cotillion this week. The dad to six wrote, “Got to take my Blaykers to cotillion this week. Man she is growing up!🥲”

In the photos, the dad and daughter are standing side by side. She’s wearing a floral-printed jumpsuit, while he wears a tee shirt, jeans, a flannel shirt, and a hat.


Blayke Busby is growing up quickly.

In the comments section of Adam’s post, he’s receiving many messages from fans about how tall Blayke looks these days. One fan writes, “she is growing up very fast! when i watched you on tv she was tiny😮”

Someone else adds, “Wow she’s getting tall. ❤️❤️❤️”

Danielle Busby shared the same photos of her husband and daughter on her own Instagram page. The proud mom reminded fans how fast Blayke is growing up, “Can not believe how much Blayke has grown and that she will be in middle school in August!”

In one of the photos, Adam is holding his hand up to show how tall Blayke is compared to him. She’s definitely catching up to her dad.

Adam Busby Instagram

Blayke Busby is only 10 years old and still has some growing to do. So, fans are interested to see just how tall she gets in a couple more years.

Adam Busby’s height surprises fans.

In the comments section of Adam’s post, fans are talking about his height, too. They haven’t seen him in a picture like this for a while. It looks like Blayke Busby is catching up to him quickly, though.

One fan writes, “how tall r u then?”

Another fan chimes in, “I THOUGHT YHE SAME HE SEEMS SO SHORT.”

Unfortunately, Adam hasn’t responded to these comments and he hasn’t shared his height anywhere publicly. So, we don’t know how tall he actually is or how tall Blayke is right now.

So, did you know how tall Adam Busby is? What do you think of Blayke Busby looking so grown up? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For the latest news on the OutDaughtered family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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