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Clues Jacob Roloff Moved Family Into Roloff Farm House?

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Could Jacob Roloff be living at his family’s farmhouse? The former Little People, Big World star seems to be leaving clues about his living situation, sparking questions about where he’s currently staying.

Why might Isabel and Jacob Roloff get the farmhouse?

If you’re a LPBW fan, you may know that Jacob and his wife, Isabel, welcomed their first child to the world in December. Before expanding their family, they were living in a van. While this might have worked for just the two of them, they would probably benefit from a bigger place for their son, Mateo. It’s possible that Matt Roloff is letting Jacob and Isabel live in the farmhouse with their new baby.

Little People Big World Jeremy Roloff - matt Roloff - Ember Roloff
Little People Big World Jeremy Roloff – matt Roloff – Ember Roloff

One of the biggest storylines on the family’s TLC show has been the future of the farm and the farmhouse. As Matt gets older, he won’t be able to care for everything that needs to be done on such a large property. Fans have wondered which of Matt and Amy’s four kids will get to live in the farmhouse.

Jacob and his wife, Isabel seem like good candidates for the farmhouse. After all, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have several business ventures and now own two houses. Meanwhile, Tori and Zach Roloff recently moved and don’t seem to be interested in living in the farmhouse. While Molly Roloff has opted to stay out of the public eye, she does seem to be well off.

So, it would make sense if Jacob Roloff gets the farmhouse for that reason.

In 2020, Jacob came forward and claimed that he had been molested by a TLC field producer when he was younger. He talked about the “traumatic memory” in an Instagram post and revealed how this affected him for years.

But Jacob was never able to get justice for what happened to him. Though the farmhouse couldn’t make up for what happened to Jacob, perhaps Matt believes that it is a good choice to give it to his son.

Jacob Roloff Instagram

Are Matt & Jacob Roloff dropping clues he’s already living at the farmhouse?

It’s possible that Jacob Roloff already lives in the farmhouse, based on recent social media activity. In Matt’s recent social media posts, he’s revealed that he’s spending a lot of time with Jacob these days. It looks like the two of them are often working on projects around the property. Though Jacob could go visit the farm and help out, he appears to be there very regularly, so it seems possible that he’s living there.

In a recent Instagram post, Matt recently shared a photo of himself in his office as he spent some quality time with Mateo. If Jacob and Isabel live on the property, this would explain why they are seeing Matt so often.

Matt Roloff Instagram

In another post, Matt revealed he was working on the farmhouse. He wrote, “Started this am Building the new irrigation manifold for the big house well…. Plus a bunch of other big projects that we did with no time to capture on a photo.” So, he’s putting in big house upgrades, further hinting that someone might be living there.

In the same post, Matt wrote, “If you knew how many things were accomplished just today while still finding time to hang with Jacob , Izzy and Mateo for 2.5 hours.”

On Jacob Roloff’s birthday, his dad revealed that he had been given a 1967 VW in October. It looks like the photo was taken at the farm. So, once again, Jacob was at the farm. This is yet another hint that the two have been spending a lot of time together.

Matt Roloff Instagram

On Matt’s Instagram stories this week, he shared a couple of snaps of Jacob hard at work on the farm, which seems to be happening a lot lately.

Has anyone confirmed the farmhouse situation?

Right now, the Roloffs haven’t confirmed where Jacob is living. So, he may be living elsewhere and simply visiting or helping out at the property. But these hints seem to suggest there’s a chance he’s living in the farmhouse or that he will be soon.

So, do you think that Jacob Roloff is living on his family’s property in the farmhouse now? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For the latest news about the Roloff family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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