Julie Chen-Moonves Unveils High Speed ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Twist

julie chen moonves big brother
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It is almost here. The premiere of Celebrity Big Brother season 3 is just around the corner. Ahead of the guests finally entering their monitored household, the host of the show has given an interesting reveal. Julie Chen-Moonves did an interview with US Weekly where she gave a look at the fast-paced nature of this season of Big Brother. A pace that has never been seen before in the history of the hit reality show.

The Fastest Season Ever

“Fans can expect the fastest season of any Big Brother, ever. We are evicting two celebrities every week, at least,” Julie said about the upcoming season.

That’s a wickedly fast pace for the season. Two house guests a week at least. Considering there are only 11 house guests, the potential to lose more than 2 contestants in a single week could potentially eliminate a fourth of the contestants in no time at all.

Celebrity Big Brother is familiar with being having a faster pace than the non-celebrity version of the show. For example, the most recent Big Brother season (Season 23) ran for 85 days. Whereas Celebrity Big Brother Season 2 ran for merely 29 days. The reason for this is most likely just that it would be far more difficult to get celebrities to sign on to being monitored for nearly 3 months rather than just 1. Not t0 mention the potential cost of getting celebrities to sign on for that long.

The fastest running season thus far was Celebrity Big Brother Season 1, which ran for only 26 days. Does that mean, based on Julie’s comments, that this season will run even faster? That leaves the door open for 3-4 contestants being eliminated multiple weeks in a row. It would actually be necessary in order for this upcoming season to be shorter than 26 days.

So the pace of this season is bound to be crazy. It’s unlikely the contestants will have much time to breathe at all between all of the Head of Household competitions and evictions they’ll be having to plan for. With every day closer we get to the premiere of the season, the hype just continues to build. Hopefully, it’s building to one of the greatest seasons of the show thus far.

Julie Chen-Moonves Returns

Julie Chen-Moonves has been the host of Big Brother since the beginning. Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 will be the 26th season of the long-running reality show that she’s hosted. After all that time, it does not appear as if she has any intention of stepping down any time soon. Fans aren’t even sure what the show would look like without her.

julie chen moonves celebrity big brother
Julie Chen-Moonves at the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ premiere

Celebrity Big Brother Season 3 officially kicks off on February 2nd.

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