Theresa Caputo Gets Windblown In Snowy Long Island

Theresa Caputo Gets Windblown In Snowy Long Island [Credit: Theresa Caputo/Instagram]

Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo has been updating her fans on her personal life and tour on social media. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she was unrecognizable in her last Instagram video. She went makeup-free as she cozied up in a white sherpa robe. The Long Island native admitted that it was freezing cold.

Instead of flying south for the winter, Theresa is staying at home. She shoveled her driveway. She got windblown in the snowstorm that hit New York City and most of the east coast this past weekend. Some states are still digging out from the snow today.

Theresa Caputo goes for a walk in the snowstorm

Like most people, Theresa Caputo braved the blizzard this weekend. She filmed herself shoveling in the blustery snow. The TLC star wore a maroon knit beanie that read “Radio City Rockettes” in gold embroidery. She paired her look with a black winter coat that featured a hood with plaid lining.

Once again, Theresa Caputo went makeup-free for her winter walk. She got windblown in the storm. The reality star wanted to find a unique way to keep her fans updated on her life. Her nose dripped as she walked around her front yard. Theresa told her fans that she shoveled the driveway but it won’t stop snowing. Unfortunately, the path is filled with snow once again.

Theresa Caputo Masked Up [Credit: Theresa Caputo/Instagram]
[Credit: Theresa Caputo/Instagram]
Theresa told her fans to “stay home” and “stay safe.” She informed them not to “be crazy like my dad, still plowing and snowing.” She shoveled her house and her parent’s house, so they wouldn’t have to do it themselves. Then, she shared one last look at her snowy neighborhood. Theresa admitted that her phone was “frozen” from staying outside. She also shared a glimpse at her mom watching her from indoors.

Long Island Medium fans warn her about shoveling

Theresa Caputo captioned her post: “Let it snow let it snow let it snow.” However, it didn’t sound like she enjoyed being in the snow. She was already complaining about how cold it’s been. Fans took to the comment section to share warm wishes and to warn her about the dangers of the blizzard conditions.

  • “Stay safe and warm.❤️🙏❤️”
  • “Stay safe. 😍”
  • “Be careful🙏❄☃️🥶kisses❤️”
  • “Stay warm and be careful.”
  • “Yikes! Stay safe and warm!!❄️❄️❄️”

Theresa previously told her fans that a snowstorm was on the way. In her previous Instagram video, she was all glammed up. Theresa Caputo wore a black turtleneck sweater, which she paired with a full face of makeup. Her platinum blonde hair was styled in her signature bouffant hairstyle.

Theresa Caputo Windblown In Long Island [Credit: Theresa Caputo/Instagram]
[Credit: Theresa Caputo/Instagram]
The psychic filmed the six-minute video from her walk-in closet. Theresa also informed her fans that tickets went on sale for the remainder of her tour dates. She’s kept them up to date to lessen the confusion. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Theresa Caputo.

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