‘Darcey And Stacey’ Season 3 Episode 4 Recap- Jan. 31

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Last week on Darcey and Stacey, Darcey tried to mesh Georgi back with her family and friends. Though they were hesitant, it appeared he was really trying. The two are even going to counseling this time around. Darcey’s eldest daughter, Aniko finally competed in her pageant. She did not win but did get an award for most photogenic. Aside from Grandpa Mike, the rest of the family, including Georgi, headed to Miami. It is time for the twins to bring back their company House of 11 and what better place to do it in.

Darcey and Stacey Take On Miami

Everyone has just touched down in Miami and they are staying at an amazing villa. While they await the arrival of their California team. Darcey and Stacey want to have some family time. Georgi has a surprise for Darcey, Aniko, and Aspen by no one knows what it is. The girls hope it is a dog but that is doubtful. They end up at a dock where they see they will be going on a boat. The surprise is deep sea fishing.

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Aspen is excited about this adventure whereas Aniko and her mother are not about this trip at all. They question why Georgi would even think they would want to do something like this. Though he is shocked that not everyone was pumped about the trip, Georgi is happy Aspen is on his side. Darcey is also questioning how he will afford this but she is happy that he is trying to connect. Darcey is not good on a boat especially since she wore heels and keeps tipping over.

It is Florian’s first time in Miami so Stacey wants to show him a good time. She proposes the idea of them possibly getting married there by the ocean. He is not totally on board with it since he is new to Miami. She then suggests it would be a good transition for them to eventually move there. Now they are off to try salsa dancing since it is something new and fun. She just wants to have fun and immerse herself in the culture down there.

Living It Up and Asking Questions

Stacey and Florian make it to the salsa lessons. It is time to switch partners but Florian is not comfortable with that concept. He feels they are committed to one another and that means staying together, even in dancing. She likes the jealousy yet this is getting to be a little too much. Over on the boat, Georgi explains to the camera that he took the girls fishing because this is an old family tradition. He is hoping to pass it down and share something special with Aniko and Aspen.

Darcey’s daughters are happy to be spending more time with Georgi and they know it is the perfect time to ask some questions. They have seen their mom get taken advantage of in prior relationships. It will not happen again under their watch. He claims he has no idea how much money Darcey has and has always been very dedicated to working in his past. Aniko and Aspen ask him what he would like to do to contribute financially.

He says some stuff about rose oil and real estate, claiming he has goals. Georgi also admits he knows they have problems but are attempting to work on them at this point. Darcey is happy to see him trying with her kids. However, she wants to see him in a better financial situation for it all to work the way she wants it to.

Family Time On Darcey and Stacey

The girls are excited to go see their cousin, Shannon. Of course, Stacey took it upon herself to tell Shannon that Darcey and Georgi had called off the engagement. Furthermore, she had no idea if Georgi was even coming down to Florida with them. At this point, Darcey feels like this was her story to tell and not her sisters. She and Georgi are really working on their relationship and she does not want anything to affect this.

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They all head to Shannon’s who lives in a rich lavish neighborhood as she is married to a famous basketball player. This is what the twins aspire for so they are taking it all in. Shannon is super welcoming to Georgi and shares she is a month apart in age from the twins. Additionally, they had kids around the same time so they have always been really close. Shannon wants to know all about Turkey and the twins say it inspired them with their business.

Now they have a men’s line and are excited to try this out. They share they will meet up with their friend Michael Benz who will be helping with the business. He has what it takes to truly help keep them launched but Florian is totally against him. It is all about the business yet Florian does not see it that way. His jealousy is coming out again.

Meeting Michael Benz

Michael is a fashion designer and super connected to having him around it a big deal. Georgi is excited for Darcey and says he will hang out and watch the girls. She wants them to be a power couple and he is hopeful he can give her what she wants down the line. Stacey is getting ready for the meeting but Florian is not happy at all. She tells him it is at a bar. Still, he seems very immature and not quite grasping she is in Miami to work.

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They meet with Michael and their history is shared. He has always been a power player and they were able to meet in the middle visually. Michael asks them what they need at this moment so they share they are launching a new swim line. It is for both men and women so they will need models. He has them covered for it all but wants to take them out like the old days. Stacey reminds him that she is married though he is still worried about her. Darcey shares the status with Georgi and the ups and downs.

She says they are taking baby steps to improve their relationship. Stacey adds that Georgi has not spent any money since he came to Connecticut. Plus, he hid his money in his sock and is racking up credit card debt. Michael tells her to cut him ASAP.

Next time, Shannon notes similarities between Georgi and Darcey’s ex-husband and Michael confronts Georgi. Catch Darcey and Stacey Mondays on TLC.







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