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Is Chris Bukowski Dating ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Anna Redman?

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Chris Bukowski has dated multiple people within Bachelor Nation. Now, rumors are soaring that he may be involved with another lady from the franchise. Chris has been seen out and about with Anna Redman. So, is he dating her or are they just friends?

Is Chris Bukowski dating Anna Redman?

US Weekly shared all about what Chris Bukowski had to say about Anna Redman. There’s been speculation going on that there could be a romance brewing between Chris and Anna. He was asked about where they stand on the She’s All Bach podcast.

Chris responded coyly about Anna. He admitted that he hadn’t really dated much since ending his short-lived relationship with fiance Katie Morton. Now, he says things are going well for him. Chris said, “[My dating life] is good. You know, it was bad for a while. After Katie, I didn’t date anybody really.” He continued, “Recently, it’s been pretty good.”

The hosts asked him if he was currently dating anyone from The Bachelor franchise. He said, “Potentially.” It was at that point the hosts asked him about being seen out with Anna. He said, “I’m not going to confirm or deny those allegations. But I know Anna.” Chris continued, “She’s a great girl. … We’re definitely friends. I enjoy spending time with her.”

They continued to pressure him about potentially dating Anna. They brought up a recent post he made about being out having macaroni and cheese.

Chris still refused to give much away. He said, “I’m just really kind of enjoying my time, you know, currently dating, and I don’t want to put an extra spotlight on it by any means.” He continued, “Because genuinely, like, for the first time in a long time, [I’m] happy with no stress behind it. [I’m] just kind of, you know, enjoying good company. … No stress, very free, very natural. All of it very unexpected, but obviously, you know, happy that it’s happening with whoever that might be.”

What is Anna saying?

Anna is also not admitting anything when it comes to Chris. However, she has been sharing TikToks indicating she is in fact dating someone. She has mentioned that she’s having a lot of intimate time with whomever she’s seeing. Anna even returned to TikTok to announce that her parents saw where she admitted to having a lot of bedroom time. They called her out on it.

Perhaps if things keep going well the two will admit there’s something between them. What do you think?


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