Below Deck Rayna Linday Slams Boring Reunion Special [Credit: Rayna Lindsay/Instagram]

‘Below Deck’ Rayna Lindsey SLAMS Boring Reunion Special

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Below Deck Season 9 crew member Rayna Lindsay slammed the upcoming reunion special. Fans want to know if the crew members will gather together to discuss the events of the current season. The show usually includes a reunion special. It’s been common since the show’s inception.

The final charter is underway on the My Seanna for Season 9. This season was filled with difficult charter guests, love triangles, dramatic nights out, and tension among the crew members. Most of them will look forward to leaving the superyacht and never looking back.

Will there be a reunion for Below Deck Season 9?

There have been some cases where a reunion didn’t take place on Below Deck. However, there will be a crew member gathering for Season 9. Per Distractify, deckhand Rayna Lindsay took to Instagram to confirm that the crew filmed a reunion special on Sunday, January 16. It’s unclear whether all of the crew members showed up.

For example, third stew Jessica Albert quit mid-season. She abruptly left before the next charter happened. It would be awkward for her to film the reunion since she left on a bad note. On the other hand, this could give her a chance to share her side of the story.

Below Deck Rayna Lindsay Confirms Reunion Special [Credit: Rayna Lindsay/Instagram]
[Credit: Rayna Lindsay/Instagram]
Her replacement, Kaylee Milligan, was only part of the crew for one-and-a-half charters. So, she won’t have much to contribute to the reunion. Still, there’s a lot to talk about in regards to the drama that took place. For instance, chief stew Heather Chase said the n-word several times during the crew night.

Fans are dying to know what she’s going to say during the reunion special. Will they answer the hard questions? For example, would Captain Lee Rosbach fire Heather on the spot? Will she come back to the show? Why didn’t they take the issue seriously enough the first time around?

Rayna Lindsay throws shade after filming the reunion

Rayna has been open about her experience on Below Deck. She recently took to her Instagram Stories to share her thoughts on the reunion. She also promised fans that she would answer “every Below Deck question” in an upcoming tell-all interview. It’s not clear whether this interview will take place on Bravo or another platform.

She also slammed the boring reunion. Rayna wrote it was “nothing and only lasted like an hour.” It sounds like the drama regarding Heather wasn’t addressed enough. So, she plans to share everything that wasn’t mentioned on the show.

“They didn’t want nothing to be really exposed on the reunion so I’ll talk about how they want [Eddie Lucas] to do a take over for Captain [Lee Rosbach],” Rayna teased. “I’ll talk about everything they don’t want us to talk about.”

Below Deck Rayna Slams Reunion [Credit: Rayna Lindsay/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Rayna Lindsay/Instagram Stories]
She also outed executive producer Lauren Simms for lying to her about Eddie taking over for Captain Lee at some point. She claims that Lauren tried to “save” him to “ensure the Passover happens.” Rayna promises to expose the Below Deck producers “to help and warn other minorities to not come on the show.” She has nothing to lose since she wants nothing to do with the reality series.

“I know if I die today I know my stance with God,” she concluded. “I know my soul and who I am and I’m proud of that. I don’t even know how these Mf’s sleep peacefully. That’s crazy and scary to be real.”

Rayna Lindsay Expose Below Deck Producer [Credit: Rayna Lindsay/Instagram Stories[
[Credit: Rayna Lindsay/Instagram Stories]
What are your thoughts on what Rayna said about the reunion special? Do you plan to tune in anyway? Sound off below in the comment section. The Below Deck Season 9 finale airs Monday, January 31 at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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    1. I want to watch because I’m hoping they confront Rayna on her behavior, because by now everyone will get to see what really far the crew have o ly heard Rayna’s sordid side! They’ll get to see what a horrible person Rayna is

      1. I agree. It was a drunken night and let’s get this straight. Rayna shouldn’t have used the word first in mixed company. I’m on tea mm Heather and it was sick that Rayna accepted an apology how many times and then became a stuckup. So tiresome. Get real.

      2. Exactly!!!! I feel Rayna is ghetto and ignorant and bad for the show..she was lazy and always had an attitude and rolling her eyes at everything..and she’s nasty..that guy was only using her to get his rocks off during the whole duration..Rayna has no self respect for herself..and then to yell at Wes like that..I feel Rayna showed her true colors that night..good luck in whatever job she takes because she can’t take direction and gets an attitude for every little thing..I don’t see her as a hard worker that hustles, she only complains.

  1. Way to be a bitch. If you don’t want to be a stereotype don’t feed it. You were the bitch. She fucked up but you were fake and waited til you were “white girl wasted” every time to bring it up again. Ninja please.Hiiii-ya!

    1. Just want to say white girls wasted usually follow up with giving a BJ to any guy that takes it out. Yeah…they are whores…

      1. Interesting that you say that, because the only one who got down and disgusting was Rayna and Jake, no white girl there

      2. The only “girl” having any sex on the show was Rayna! Care to explain your comment??? Jeez. Talk about racism! 🙄

  2. Captain Lee said on the show he hoped Eddie could take over for him one day – it isn’t a secret so I don’t know what Rayna is talking about. Heather was very wrong to say what she did but Rayna said horrible racial things to her friend Wes. Is she going to talk about that?

    1. They were singing a rap song. She didn’t say it to just be saying it. Rayna was singing the song & said it was well.

      1. You are absolutely right!! I have been so upset by the whole thing, and it has basically taken up the whole season!! RAYNA said that word FIRST when SHE started singing a rap song!! Heather only REPEATED what RAYNA said!! I have loved this show since the very beginning, but I have not been too enthusiastic about watching the episodes much this season because of this Rayna drama!! I was always taught what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!! So, if you DON’T want something repeated, DON’T SAY IT!! It seems that it’s okay for a certain race to say what Rayna said/sang, but it’s not okay to say it if you’re of a different race!! SHAME ON YOU, RAYNA and grow up!!

        1. If you don’t understand why Heather could not and should not say , sing, cough, shut, the N word…you need to be counseled about what constitutes racism. You probably have felt comfortable to say it yourself. Shame on you. You are not a nice person.

          1. Heather said it in a drunken playful way while hanging out with Rayna. She owned up to it snd apologized more than once. Now I understand it’s not a word that should be said(by anybody!!), what Rayna should have done is accept the apology and educate Heather as to why it upset her. Not act like a spoiled little bitchy brat!!

          2. I have had so many black friends tell me if it is in a song then it is okay to use it, if Rayna hates that word so much maybe she shouldn’t use it either, even if she is singing it.

          3. Pamela B.. .. this is 2022. You go girl… be the victim. Clearly you dont want change- you are too comfortable bathing in the poor me’s. For the past 30+ years the N word is being used as a catch word in every hip-hop song, every SNL skit, all comedy , tv shows, real life, etc..and its used in a way that indicates fun and brotherhood (literal meaning)… I would say that this younger white generation is seeing that on a daily basis and the message is clear. While I would not say it, I find it offensive being used so liberally and casually by any person especially those who then say they are so offended by it. For 30+ years white people (most but not all, I agree) have been teaching their children tolerance, equality, diversity, and respect trying to be part of the change yet we still hear of the “talks” being given to non-white children regarding how whites will treat them. Perhaps many (not all, i agree) experiences arent really racially motivated but what people have been taught to believe. Rayna referred to a white guy as”this N-word”…. did she mean that in a nice way? If so then whats the problem if its no longer associated with the offensive nature of 100 years ago… if it is wrong- then why would anyone use it so casually no matter the race. But to use the term in its inital awful intent to refer to another race is racism-pure racism. You cant end racism, with more racism. and you are wrong if you drank the koolaid that says whites cant be discriminated against. It happens on the daily and we ALL need to teach our kids equality and respect for all colors and stop teaching them negative beliefs about any one group.

    2. She called Jake these horrible le names that started the whole thing, but I guess it’s ok for Rayna to say all kinds of racist remarks, why because she’s black?. She’s horrible

      1. Rayna is a prime example of why emotionally immature people should NOT be working in a high stress job on a boat of all places. Rayna keeps PUFFING facts about that incident with Heather every day that goes by. If you dont like that WORD, Rayna, you shouldnt have said it YOURSELF in the first place. Also: every time Eddie tried coddling her, i threw up a little. If youre going to act like a victim at least pretend to be offended for your race. This was a total punk move on her part. Good riddance whiner.

        1. Yes! I did hear her say it first too! To me it was Heather living in the moment, even though is was degrading herself like the trash Reyna.

      2. Yessssssss. She is absolutely a brat who doesnt even deserve Heather’s apology at this point. She was acting like a person with split personalities. And…she kept saying Heather was a fake person. She’s the only fake one on that boat!

      3. So white ass bitch is ok to say, calling Wes not black is ok to say? The only person obsessed with colour and using it as a weapon to divide people was rayna.

    3. Rayna made quite a few racial remarks towards people. In fact it was Rayna who started the n word aimed at Jake. She was extremely racist on the boat and Heather didn’t say numerous times, let’s correct that now and never was aimed maliciously towards anyone

  3. Oh Rayna honey… get over yourself. You sound like an entitled, spoiled brat who has had no education whatsoever. If you are going to rant like a maniac, at least learn how to spell and use proper grammar. Your nastiness is so much worse than Heather’s mistakes. And at least she had the balls to own them and apologize. You are just a nasty bitch trying to catch your 15 minutes of fame.

    1. Rayna showed immaturity and laziness. She is not a respectful person. I don’t know how people can do and say what they want when they know they are being filmed. I have always wondered if some of these people are embarrassed by their behavior when they later see the show.

  4. Rayna you are a child who has nothing better to do than complain. Heather apologized to you more than once. Talk about someone being racist look at yourself on the last episode. If I was Heather i would have told you to kiss my butt to put it nicely

    1. Rayna used the N word herself and Heather parroted back what she said the way drunk friends do… Yet then she acts like she accepts her apology and behaves like a complete idiot and drama queen. Her work ethic was so poor she should have been fired. I think this was all for her 15 minutes of fame, or she is just a miserable bitch.

  5. So glad Rayna didn’t bitch about everything, whine about work, act like a spoiled brat, acted like she was better than everyone, and “slept” with crew members on national television.. Oh wait.. never mind…

  6. This girl is nothing but a spoiled brat who thinks the world revolves around her.
    What really made me mad was after Heather apologized to her, numerous times, she just still botched to anyone who would listen, about how upset she was with Heather. Talk about 2 faced!!
    The scene on the finale when they two were arguing, Rayna said she ” didn’t like white people who used that word”, she should have stopped after the first 5 words, as her actions indicate.

    1. Agreed! Her behavior was disgusting from the time she stepped on the yacht. The way she spoke to Wes was truly disturbing. The way he handled himself was commendable. She brought up race every chance she got and accused others of being racist. She gas a lot to learn in life if she wants to get respect and anywhere in life.

  7. Rayna is a discussing person she is as fake bi*ch as sh*t she will rot in hell for all the lies and hurt she has caused thank God she won’t be back can’t stand her she said the n word first she’s such a b**ch ha ha ha Rayna go hide your ugly

  8. Rayna sure has made a name for herself. That name being, two-faced, back stabbing, narcissistic liar.
    Why do some recaps say Heather said that word several times? I only saw that one time where she was repeating what Rayna said.

  9. She is the most racist, 2 faced piece of shit I have ever seen,she should also learn to speak a real English sentence,it shows her true ignorance.

  10. Oh yes, I’ll be watching. After reading this article, I’m taken back when she cites God & her fellow crew members as Mf’s in the same paragraph!!! I wish she could see yourself!

  11. Rayna is a bitch with a huge chip on her shoulder plain and simple! Get over yourself…..when the Captain praised her she shaded him! Hoping she is not back… sick of listening to her whine!!!

    1. Yes Karen, I was shocked that Rayna did that! She twisted everything around to make it seem as if Capt Lee and Eddie were playing mind games with her. Rayna is in need of some kind of some serious psychological help. She has such a heavy chip on her shoulder. She smiles to your face, then rolls her eyes and talks about you, to herself of course, behind your back. Yes, she lies and falsely accepts your apology with a smile saying “that’s ok.” I’ve never seen such lying when saying she’s accepting accepting of one’s apologies and then really not. And, she did say the n- word first. It’s not her perogative to use that alful word. And her sickening behavior as part of that throuple, geez Louise! How could you look at yourself in the mirror everyday after the way each of the three of them acted? They were gross. I got sick of looking at that guy’s rear all the time. What happened to Capt Lee’s rule where you represent the boat while on and off? Talking your clothes off all the time, jumping in fountains at restaurants didn’t seem to be above board to me. And since I’m putting my two cents in, what happened to Eddie this season? This season he seemed to be more on the good old boys team than in the supervisory position he was supposed to be in. He sure let his team slack instead of lead. I can’t imagine him being the captain of a large vessel like the My Sennna.

  12. Boy…all the racists have certainly come out on this post…Heather was trash for saying it and definitely exuded trailer park trash. She also needs to correct that horrendous overbite. Every scene I was waiting on her to chomp on a carrot. Racists please get some mental health help…

    1. Karma begets Karma. The word is nasty and disgusting. I don’t care if your black or white the word should not be used period. Ryna should have been fired. She is a professional race baiter. I am tired of back verse white. So is rest of America. Grow up.

    2. I don’t see any racist remarks toward Rayna. She WAS a very nasty person. But how is your comment about Heather any better than what you say everyone is saying!?

    3. Really Pamela? Overbite? I guess you don’t mind insulting a good percentage of the entire world. Now, yes, Heather stepped over the line, but let me ask you this, when rayna called Wes a whitey, wouldn’t that be considered using the word “white” in a racist manor? She should have just called him an “Uncle Tom”. It’s funny how a black lady (she’s far from lady) can get away with speaking like that, but I guess black has its privileges right? If anyone on that show could be considered TPT, I would nominate her, she had a mouth like a dumpster from day one.

    4. You’re talking about Heather’s mouth, well let’s talk about the other barnyard animal and her mouth, totally disgusting and that can be helped Heather’s is natural. Apples and oranges comparing those two on their looks

  13. Pamela B, no one is attacking Rayna because of her skin colour. Comments are addressing her actions.
    Hearing someone playing the race card,. When race isn’t introduced, leads me to believe they have a problem with themselves.

  14. Pamela, you are the only person defending her, sounds like you also have a chip in your shoulder. You and Rayna should go the couples counseling. Clearly Heather felt horrible for what she said, Rayna is obviously just looking for attention, she has a lot of growing up to do. And that’s very classy of you to attack someone’s appearance, her teeth have absolutely nothing to do with the subject being discussed. I’m pretty sure you have your own imperfections because nobody is perfect. I hope you find some peace and happiness some day so you’re not so miserable….

  15. Karma begets Karma. The word is nasty and disgusting. I don’t care if your black or white the word should not be used period. Ryna should have been fired. She is a professional race baiter. I am tired of black verse white. So is rest of America. Grow up.

  16. The way Rayna spoke to Wes on their final night out was shocking, if anyone should be called out on their racism then it’s the lazy, trashy, hypocritical Rayna.

  17. I agree that all traces of racism need to be extinguished but that has to include ALL forms against ALL races. I am in my 50’s and caucasian. I was taught that people come in all colors and that we all deserve to be treated equally. I was taught that there were some people who treated certain races with disrespect but that I should stand up to those people and to do unto others as I would have them do unto me…. etc,. etc… My upbringing was filled with diversity and I look at people with equality regardless of color or ethnic background…I wonder how much of the past 20-30 years of this inequality is in part due to what we are teaching our children?? We cant have one race teaching equality and respect and another teaching that all whites think they are better, and police will treat all non-whites with disrespect. Maybe half of this is due to what we are teaching and not what is really being experienced? The N word is being used in every Pop song and thrown around in more as a trend word so maybe the younger white people have a different experience and thinks its a hip word since thats what they are seeing on a daily basis…When Ryana called Jake the “N” word why was that any different than Heather echoing her drunkinly? If its so “soul crushing” then it wouldnt be said by anybody , black , white, yellow, green… or blue…. We will never cure racism with more racism.

  18. Rayna = low-rent, uneducated, victim, not to mention “fake.” You don’t accept an apology and then act the way you did, the fact is you didn’t have the balls to be truthful with Heather. You’ve had your 15 minutes, now hopefully we never have to watch your nasty, thirsty ass again.

  19. Rayna is nasty & lazy& racist period. All she did was complain and bemoan being there. She had her f*k buddy Jake, & her chef friend, Rachel, thats it. She wasn’t liked and was her own fault. Heather did everything possible to make her feel comfortable and at ease and apologized over & over again to no avail. Rayna is a drama queen and isn’t gonna last long in any job she gets next if she can’t handle this.

  20. Rayna Lindsey is a disgusting racist vile drunken pos. She is a horrible person with no education or manners. Rayna had no business calling a white guy “N” word, Where is the outrage for that? Maybe don’t use that ghetto trash word period Rayna. 100% truth is black people have no right to say that word, just like white people don’t. So until blacks stop using it, This subject means nothing. Bottom line is, you’re below the bottom line Rayna. Your karma’s coming 3 fold.

  21. Rayna has a huge chip on her shoulder and is absolutely racist. She is trying to use cancel culture to destroy Heather. and Wes!! Shame on her and shame on you Pamela. Grow up, Heather apologized so many times and Rayna lied so many times and told her she accepted it and was ok with her. Rayna needs to go back under her rock and you Pamela attack another woman because of her looks?? SHAME on you and I hope 1000 red fire ants crawl up your bum and blister the hell out of you! Please get some grace…..

  22. Rayna reminds me of a teenage [email protected]! I know 4 year old children who have more sense than she does. She doesn’t like people using the “N” word? Wonder what she would think if 1 of her friends or siblings were dating someone white & they used it. That would probably be ok. Grow a pair & instead of talking behind someone’s back to others ,say it to her face!

    1. I’m proud of Heather for finally calling her out on talking behind her back, but please don’t ever get on your knees for anyone, not for people like her

  23. I would love to say Rayna should have been fired however, that would have played into her hand… a discrimination lawsuit. I feel like the rest of the crew didnt know the whole story and that Reyna said the word first. I can say that Heather went out of her way to apologize. Hopefully this all comes out and Reynais confronted by the crew with the fact she said the word first and then tried to use the race card. I hope Reyna reads all these comments against her behavior however I honestly still don’t think she would see it any other way but her own. Glad the show is I er and ready for a new season where we can get back to more classy crew members.

    1. I hope so too! All season all they’ve heard is Rayna’s side, infact I don’t even think Heather remembers exactly how it all started and what and how she said it. So I hope they pay attention and see it for what it really was

  24. So since it’s the end, thank God and Andy Cohen I hope that you do your job right and represent truthfully the fans on how they really feel about what has happened. The first episode of your show, you had Rayna on there and told the first of a bunch of lies. Fans aren’t happy with Rayna, we aren’t pleased with how she handled anything! So I hope that you get it right. Eddie you were my favorite but I hope you finally get it right about what actually happened, you were trying to get the wrong person fired! I’m pleased that Rayna won’t be back, because I really didn’t want to stop watching it.

  25. I think it must be great to be Rayna and never have said anything out of turn. She proclaims to love God, the Bible say judge not, least ye be judged. We all make mistakes, we all are human, it’s what humans do.

  26. Rayna was always pissed off at something. She even got upset when Captain Lee let her pull anchor, complaining he was patronizing her. What she said to Wes deserves an apology. Her comment was more racist than Heather sing the rap lyrics! This girl is nothing but angry, something she insisted she didn’t want to look like on camera. Too late!

  27. Felt for Rayna until the end where she was as equally ignorant by claiming buddy wasn’t ‘Black enough’ to understand.

    And didn’t realize it at first, but if Rayna started it by singing some rap song that also changes things. If the word is so offensive then no one should be using it period. Lead by example FFS.

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