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‘Bachelor’ Villain Cassidy Timbrooks Addresses Leaked Video

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Cassidy Timbrooks of The Bachelor doesn’t know how to apologize. At least she admits it. The latest villain posted about a video that leaked where she said something rude about the lead, Clayton Echard. Timbrooks posted, “I’ve never written a public apology and don’t exactly know what I’m doing lol…”

She wanted to set the record straight about the leaked videos. In one of them, she joked about becoming an influencer after leaving the show. In another, she called Clayton a hypocrite for the way he treated the situation with Salley Carson.

Did Clayton Act Like A Hypocrite?

Clayton gave Salley a rose knowing her engagement had ended right before she came on the show. He took Cassidy’s rose when he found out she hooked up with someone else right before the show. In the video shared by Reality Steve on Twitter, Cassidy says, “**** Clayton.”

Cassidy Timbrooks YouTube
Cassidy Timbrooks, YouTube

Fans supported her about it on Instagram. One said, “As if every single other woman that goes on the Bachelor abstains and has zero communication with any other man prior to the show. What you did BEFORE is irrelevant!”

Cassidy Timbrooks Didn’t Intend For Those Videos To Get Out

Cassidy Timbrooks said she posted the videos in question to her ‘close friends only,’ Instagram. Someone she thought was a good friend recorded the videos and sent them to the press. According to Cosmo, she said she felt they were “intentionally overdramatic and satirical.”

She said those closest to her get her humor, but she knows they look bad to strangers on the internet. Cassidy said, “I’m really embarrassed that those videos ended up everywhere. They don’t reflect my actual thoughts, or how I feel about Clayton.”

She Has Respect For Clayton And Their Relationship

Cassidy Timbrooks said she has a lot of respect for Clayton’s kindness. She wanted to clear up what happened with the videos. She said, “Totally my bad, never should’ve even made them, but I never meant for them to be public. Poor judgment call on my part.”

Cassidy Timbrooks Youtube
Cassidy Timbrooks and Hilary Duff, YouTube

As for her time on the show. She’s thankful for the opportunity. Timbrooks posted on her Instagram, “While it didn’t turn out how I hoped, and mistakes were certainly made, I am still so grateful for the experience and I hope for nothing but the best for everyone I met while I was there.”

One fan compared her to the villain of Laguna Beach saying, “Can’t wait to watch you in paradise! There are Kristens in this world and there are Lauren Conrads. I’ve always liked Kristens better.”

How do you feel about Cassidy’s apology? Comment with your thoughts below and as always come back to TV Shows Ace for all things Bachelor nation.

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